Iris Emoji's are coming 3

Iris Apfel has been one of my ultimate style icon for the longest time (you can read more here) and now the ultimate fashion powerhouse is releasing Iris Emoji’s! There is nothing that this women cannot do and it’s so hard to believe that she is 94 #GirlBoss.

The emojis are actually launching alongside her new 40-piece Mod-themed “Iris Meets INC” collection for Macy’s-owned INC International Concepts in the USA. There is apparently going to be jewellery as part of this line and that is what I am most looking forward to hopefully buying and I’ll be honest this is one of the most fabulous things I have heard this week 🙂

“Everyone [who interviews me] asks about the emojis; and I didn’t even know what an emoji was,” she said. “For me it’s rather silly, but it’s generational, so if it makes the kids happy, then….” {via}

I love that this is something that she is on board with doing and really shows that no matter hat your age you can keep moving with the times. I am imagining some bold lips symbols, costume jewellery, large glasses, lipsticks and perhaps some exotic birds and of course LOTS of colour as part of her emoji line – what else do you think might be included?

This is actually one release that I am looking forward to in Autumn and even though fashion houses have started to launch emojis with their collections – I have no doubt that this will top them all. What do you think – are you as excited as me ? 🙂


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