Irish Design Gift Guide – Craft & Homewear

Irish Design Gift Guide - Craft & Homewear colm brennan woodturning

I have really enjoyed sharing some of my favourite Irish Designers through my Christmas Gift Guides this year. I hope that you have enjoyed them as well. This is sadly one of my last ones for 2016 – and I am sharing some craft designer pieces. Perfect gifts to compliment a home.

Lynda Gault Ceramics

Beautiful pottery is always a winner in my eyes when it comes to buying a gift for someone. Lynda Gault creates some beautiful pieces and many of her work is quite neutral in colour which would make it the perfect Christmas gift. Even if you do not know the colour scheme of the person’s house, I believe that her pieces would add to so many homes.

You can view more of her work her incl. her studio address here.

Irish Design Gift Guide - Craft & Homewear

Colm Brennan Woodturning

These creations are so stunning and intricate and I adore seeing the complexity of the designs and the finished product. Colm is based in Sligo and you can actually go in and see him turning in his workshop which is something that not every artist offers.

He specialises in segmented woodturning and the some of the vases can be made up of 1,000 individual pieces all cut and then joined togeather before they are turned. The patience and skill involved are just amazing and you can tell that he loves the craft. You can contact him via his Facebook page or by calling out to his workshop.

Irish Design Gift Guide - Craft & Homewear colm brennan woodturning

Jerpoint Glass

Jerpoint Glass are based in Kilkenny and create some stunning works of art. Their vases and bowls would be the perfect Christmas gift. The pieces would make a fantastic living room or hall centrepiece. The colours that are available also mean that there is something for everyone. The quality of these pieces is also amazing – these will be appreciated for years to come.

You can shop online here.

Irish Design Gift Guide - Craft & Homewear

There are so many potters, woodturners, crafters in Ireland and we are so lucky to have that skill passed from one generation to the next. It is worth looking at what is in your area and buying local.

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