Helen Steele x Dunnes Stores

Helen Steele is an Award winning, renowned Irish Designer, loved by many and when I saw that she was bringing out a collaboration with Irish Retailer Dunnes Stores, I quite literally squealed!

You may remember my obsession with the Joanne Hynes collaboration with Dunnes Stores, well I think that this may be just as much of a hit!

Helen Steele x Dunnes Stores
The talented designer – Helen Steele

Helen has been creating stunning works of art for many years and I love when I see her pieces as can always tell straight away it’s a ‘Helen Steele’! There is something so mesmerizing about her prints, she is also passionate about slow fashion and her method of creation of wonderful, and the fact that her pieces are printed on the softest silk only adds to their appeal.

Helen Steele x Dunnes Stores
ADORE this entire look!

What I love about this collection, of course, are the beautiful bespoke patterns that run through it, but also that it is an inclusive range for all body types. Even in the imagery for the collection, there are women of all shapes and sizes and I really admire Helen for taking this into accoun and making her pieces wearable for all.

Helen Steele x Dunnes Stores

All of the patterns were hand-painted, photographed and manipulated by Helen, and that is what makes this collection truly unique. I am hoping to pick up some of the collection, and think it will be even greater inspiration to get into the gym again to prep for our wedding. Or…. even just to wear into town as it looks very versatile in its appeal.

Helen Steele x Dunnes Stores
Helen Steele x Dunnes Stores

The collection will be available to buy online and in selected stores from the 8th of January, and I for one will be online first thing on the 08th to perhaps purchase a piece or two 🙂 Perfect for wearing in the gym in the New Year!

And here is the full teaser for the collection – full of vibrant colours and fun pieces:

All images from Dunnes Stores.com


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