Irish Designers Sample Sale in Galway

*** UPDATE – Rescheduled to 12 May – 13 May 2018 and will still be in the G Hotel. You can read all about the event here.

*** UPDATE – Due to Storm Emma & the Beast from the East the event will be rescheduled. I’ll update you when we know the date for the new Sample Sale! ***

Today I wanted to share details of a very exciting event!!  As many a reader of Floralesque will know, I believe in supporting Irish Designers and love buying handmade pieces. They mean more especially if you get a chance to talk to the designer and learn more about the brand and the pieces. But, it is very rare that you get to talk to the person who actually made the item… well, there is an amazing Irish Designer Sample Sale coming to Galway and you will get just that opportunity.

I have been to events like this in Dublin and it is fantastic to get to talk to the designers and also get the opportunity to pick up some truly unique pieces that you may not otherwise be able to. There are often pieces that are not for sale online, and often the prices are less than if you were to buy from the main collection.

The event is on in the beautiful 5 Star G Hotel in Galway on Friday March 02nd and Saturday March 03rd and I am really looking forward to it!

This is the full listing of the AMAZING Irish Designers who will be showing their work;

Manley ///
Jill De Burca ///
Theo & George ///
Electronic Sheep ///
Mona Swims ///
Edge Only ///
Maria Dorai Raj ///
Natasha Sherling ///
The House of Leaf ///
Sian Jacobs ///
Darcy Bow ///
AA McEvoy /// 

Some of these designers have been interviewed before on Floralesque, you can read more about their design journeys and inspirations in the links below;

  • Emma Manley from Manley – link
  • Jill deBurca from Jill deBurca – link
  • Jenny Huston from Edge Only – link
  • Maria Dorai-Raj from Maria Dorai-Raj – link

I am really looking forward to going along and hopefully pick up some beautiful Irish Designed pieces. Also, keep in mind Mother’s Day is coming up so if you are stuck for a gift then this could be the perfect time to get something wonderful. You can read more on the event Facebook page here.


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