Irish Fashion Innovation Awards 2018 Winners Niamh Daniels Floralesque
Niamh Daniels Scarves

We have spoken much about the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards 2018 both here on Floralesque and also on Social Media so it seemed only fitting to share the Winners of the IFIA from Thursday. We will be doing a full review of the show in the coming week, but I just could not wait to share the Winners!! 

The judges had quite the hard task to choose the Winners on the night, and I do not envy them having to do this!! The Judging panel consisted of Eddie Shanahan, Producer and Creative Director of The IFIA, Carolyn Moore and the always stylish Patricia McCrossan who is the Managing Director of Goldenegg Productions and GALWAYnow Magazine. The fabulous Designers who they choose as winners were:

  • Student Designer of the Year 2018 – Niamh Flynn, NCAD
  • Accessory Designer of the Year 2018 – Niamh Daniels
  • Jewellery Designer of the Year 2018 – Helena Malone
  • Millinery Designer of the Year 2018 – Leonora Ferguson
  • Fashion Designer of the Year 2018 – Sarah Murphy
  • Innovation Award Winner 2018 – Sarah Murphy

The Awards were such a fantastic night, and the talent of the designers that showed on the Catwalk was quite breathtaking. We really are so lucky to have such amazing and talented designers on our shores and this night always reminds me of that. My favourite part of the night is always seeing the Student designers, as they are the future and I see their work I always get so excited for the future of Irish Fashion.

And if you would like to learn more about some of the designers – we have interviewed some of them here:

  • Niamh Daniels from Niamh Daniels Design – link
  • Helena Malone – link
  • Leonora Ferguson – link

The IFIA 2018 Awards were held at The Galmont Hotel & Spa in Galway, and as always the hotel was beyond amazing and the perfect venue for such prestigious Awards. A massive thank you to Galway Now for the invitation to attend, and I am really looking forward to sharing all about the Night itself and some wonderful designs from the Catwalk!



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