For some reason when I heard about the JLO x Inglot collection I was surprised. Not sure why but I just didn’t expect it. Inglot has some fantastically pigmented eyeshadows and bold lipsticks, and when I think JLO I think pared back and a subtle glow, a sexy look. I just didn’t see how the limited edition collection would work. Well, tonight after seeing the products in the collection I can totally see how it works!

I was invited by the lovely Aisling from Inglot, Athlone to come to a makeup demonstration and show of the new JLO x Inglot collection. I was so intrigued to see the new collection that I just couldn’t say no. I hadn’t realised that Jennifer has released over 20 fragrances over the past twenty years – so she is no newbie to the beauty market.

The collection really focuses on that infamous Jennifer Lopez glow – you but on a tropical beach, sunkissed in the city. The collection is limited edition and there are powders, glosses, mascaras, lipsticks, lashes, nail polishes and more. It is a full makeup collection with each product receiving the same shelf space. The one thing I was expecting for some reason was glam packaging – it’s not, but it is very sleek and sophisticated.

JLO X Inglot Collection - Get that JLO Glow

My top pick from the entire 70 piece collection was actually the red lipstick called Besame. The colour is vibrant and one you could certainly see JLO rocking. When swatched the lipstick actually felt quite nourishing and after a little more research I discovered that there is actually Vitamin A and E infused into the lipstick which certainly explains the creamy texture.

The pigment eyeshadows were another product that I really liked. They are 90% pigment and would be perfect to buy now and honestly – use for Christmas! They would also be great for a beachy look but I think would also be amazing for a Christmas sparkle.

JLO X Inglot Collection - Get that JLO GlowThe demonstration itself was great, I actually tend not to pay too much attention to the products used, to be honest, what I love going to these demonstrations for is to pick up some makeup tips!! I have picked up some amazing tips along the way from watching MUA demos – kinda like a makeup Youtube tutorial in person 😛

JLO X Inglot Collection - Get that JLO Glow

JLO X Inglot Collection - Get that JLO GlowWhat are your thoughts on the new Jennifer Lopez collection? Will you be picking up any pieces? If you are thinking of it, the collection is available now both instore and online on Oh and also… for the gossipers…. I have heard that the collection will last a year and there may be more products dropped….


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