Kettlebells – not just swinging a ball around

Last night I went to a Kettlebells class in FITTSteps and was taken by surprise how well rounded the class was with regards the workout. I have gone to Kettlebell classes before and it was all just about using the Kettlebell and no other exercises.

Well in FITTSteps the class is very different and actually although I found it quite difficult at some stages – found it really good. We started with a good warm up (which to be honest was a workout in itself) and I was certainly looking like a tomato just after that!!

Kettlebells – not just swinging a ball aroundWe did 5 sets of 2 different exercises (each set repeated 3 times) in the 45-minute class and then finished with some amazing stretching at the end as well. But what I enjoyed was the variance in the exercises. We certainly used kettlebells throughout the class however some of the sets also included exercises such as press ups and lunges which added variance into the movements. I found that the class felt like I was working all parts of my body rather than focusing on one area which is great to be able to do a full body workout in one class.

I also swapped between the weights of the kettlebells and there were no issues at all. I certainly tried with the heavier weights for lower body exercises but for when we were doing exercises that involved moving the kettlebell either above your head or around it I went for a lighter weight. I would always say to go with what feels best for you. BUT don’t just do the ‘easier’ weight as you won’t be working your body as much. I found the heavier weights harder for the lower body swings but they were manageable.

Kettlebells – not just swinging a ball around

The last exercises in the class were tough as we finished with a 45 second plank, a 45 second wall squat and a 45 second hip raise! Not for the faint hearted but certainly good to challenge us. Our instructor was also amazing as she was so encouraging all the way through.

The stretching session to finish at the end was excellent – I think we spent a good 10 minutes actually ‘cooling down’. I love when classes do this as it shows that the trainer cares that you look after your muscles and isn’t there just to do the exercises and then leave. Also on a sidenote, it’s great not to look like tomato when leaving the class 🙂

Overall, I loved the kettlebells class and although I am feeling it today (and probably will tomorrow!) I am certainly intending to go back again next week and will be using my Epsom salts tonight! You can read more about why I use Epsom salts here.

Kettlebells – not just swinging a ball around

You may remember I mentioned Jess training me at FITTSteps here last week – well this is the first of her classes that I have tried out! And I am hoping to do much more with them. Below is the timetable and if you are interested in finding out more than you can check out her website.

Kettlebells – not just swinging a ball around

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