London Fashion Week Diaries: Day 1This Fashion Week I have decided to share something a little different and do a mini-diary series of my few days at London Fashion Week (as well as doing the normal Runway Reports post LFW that I love to share). These will share the good, the wonderful and the not so wonderful – a realistic view of what happens and all unedited iPhone pictures. It is not all champagne and high heels, sometimes there are long queues and long days.

I flew in from Dublin on the super early flight of 06:25 today and straight away made my way over to collect the tickets that had been physically sent to a friend’s address and then we had the yummiest brunch and then the day truly began. Sadly I missed the Jamie Wei Huang and Anissa Aida catwalk shows due to timings but looking at the press imagery- they were both pretty amazing.

J. JS. Lee Catwalk Show 

This was the first show of the day in The Shore Studios and it did not disappoint. What was fantastic about the show was the colour palette and the tailoring of his androgynous pieces. It was the buttercup yellow that really drew in my eye and made me really admire the collection – it was a straightforward collection to some degree – with straight silhouettes being applied to both the womenswear and menswear pieces. More to follow on this collection, but safe to say it was a brilliant start to the week.

Always fun to see who is in the front row! Anyone spot a famous actress…


Something that people don’t often share is the circus that happens outside of the shows. There are many, many photographers trying to get images of street style and any famous people that may be attending. It may be an unpopular opinion but while that sounds wonderful, over recent years it feels like the true street style where people are individual and have their own sense of style which they wear day to day is going, and it is about how extreme can people dress. I am all for dressing as you feel but sometimes it does just feel like it is only to end up in a street style gallery online and not about being yourself.

Nicopanda Catwalk Show

OMG. Just OMG. From the giant disco balls to the neon fun of the pieces – the show was a complete party from start to finish. It was an exciting clash of early 90’s vivid neon and animal print. And it was fun, gender fluid to a certain degree and I don’t think I’ll smile as much in any other show! Nicola Formichetti’s collection really played back to the raver scene where they didn’t go out until late and night and partied until dawn – the glitz, and glamour and the madness all captured and strutted down the runway.

London Fashion Week Diaries: Day 1
I mean just look at that sass!!

I-Am-Chen Catwalk Show

This was one of the Fashion Scout shows and since I believe in promoting emerging designers this was one that I could not miss. And it did not disappoint, the colours and overall look of the pieces were beautiful. The brand focused on bright knitwear and it really has made me long for the coming Spring season. I didn’t have the best viewpoint for taking pictures, so instead I just relaxed a little more and took it all in.

After this I managed to visit Nando’s for the first time – I know way overdue! I just ordered the halloumi sticks and fries as I didn’t have a lot of spare time and was great to just pop in and then head off again.

Azzedine Alaïa: The Couturier Exhibition

I was worried that I would not have time to see this exhibition before it finishes on the 23rd September, so was delighted to find an hour to pop along. Though an hour was certainly not long enough!! I do not know quite what woman today would fit into his work, but his work is truly breath-taking. The detail and focus that went into each piece are truly impressive.

London Fashion Week Diaries: Day 1

Something to realize about any Fashion Week is that it involves a lot of running to many different places! If you are known enough then there is a shuttle bus that will bring you show to show but for us mere mortals it is all about trying to coordinate timings to get to where you want to go and cursing many a just missed tube!

Marta Jakubowski Catwalk Show

This was hands down just a beautiful show, and it is amazing how the that 90’s feel is coming through so many of the collections this season. The stand out for me was the HUGE floppy hats at the end of the show – I would just love to hide away from the world behind one of them! 🙂 Oh and did I mention, model Valeria Garcia had a breast pump attached while walking the show!!

XU ZHI Presentation

The entire presentation was luxurious and decadent – from the feminine pieces right through to the location of the actual presentation. I was drawn into the mood of the opulent presentation as soon as I walked through the doors and from there whisked to the feeling in the Great Gatsby and then into Dickenson. This is one that I will not be forgetting in a hurry,

London Fashion Week Diaries: Day 1

For those not aware, presentations are very different to catwalk shows. Basically, the designer will have set up in a location to showcase their collection to the press/buyers etc. and there will be live models wearing their pieces. Depending on the designer, it could be a still presentation where the models do not move much or it could be a literal show showcasing their pieces. A word of advice is to not arrive bang on at the start time if at all possible. There will be crowds, and if you wait until halfway through the time there will be fewer people and you will have a better view of the pieces.

Johnstons of Elgin Presentation

I got the timing quite wrong for this, I thought it started to 18:00 but actually started at 17:30 so when I arrived at 17:40 there was quite a long queue to join! Queues are nothing new to Fashion Week but I was quite tired so this one although only maybe 10-15 minutes felt quite long.

But the presentation was worth the weight. It was on in the Waldorf Hilton Hotel and it certainly set the tone for the collection. We were greeted with Gin and Tonics and a warm welcome. The collection was inspired by the island of Ischia, and the collection was chic, beautiful and the lightweight materials used really showcased what was a stunning collection.

London Fashion Week Diaries: Day 1

London Fashion Week Diaries: Day 1

And then to bed! I had planned to attend an event in House of Fraser but was just so tired! I walked over 19,000 steps in the day, and from someone who works in an office – it was a considerable change. But today was just a good Fashion day, with some amazing shows, hilarious characters and wonderful presentations. And to top it off, I get a sleep in tomorrow! Woohoo!


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