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I am so delighted that we seem to be out of that snowy Winter spell and I can properly look at purchasing some Spring footwear. You may remember my earlier piece on block heels this Spring, well for normal in the office days I am loving loafers. I have already shared some of my favourite pairs here in my Spring shoe post and I am still loving so many of those pairs! This is a style of footwear that weaves in and out of ‘fashion’, but never really looks out of place with a great pair of jeans.

HM Cut Out LoafersLoafers are so versatile and can be so comfortable as well as looking chic. They are fantastic for the office as many pairs look so smart and certainly suitable for in-house office meetings. And then they can also be worn after hours without looking out of place or not dressy enough.

A cut out pair like the above can help give you an edge to your outfit if you feel that plain loafers may be too boring. But when wearing these ones you certainly can’t wear socks!

The loafer slide/mule combination is also quite a trend this season. They appear to be loafers when you look at the front, but then more slide like with no back to the shoe. These are so handy for just slipping on and running out the door – certainly handy for mums out there.

Certainly, the colour palette for the Spring Summer collections is just beautiful. They are bright and vibrant and I love the amount of pink that is creeping into so many collections. And not just millennial pink (thankfully), there are some lovely darer shades available as well as some paler almost white pairs. They can add such an elegant and polished look to even the simplest of outfits, it is no wonder that this trend has kept moving along in 2018.Gucci Princetown leather slipperRemember, with this ‘trend’, you don’t have to buy the most expensive, but since loafers can be worn all year around – it could be worth spending a little but more and investing in them. My loafers are worn time and time again for both their comfort but also because they can be worn so many ways.

Lastly, I just had to share this link – it is a wonderful article about how men can style their loafers, and honestly, I picked up a tip or two! Here are some of my favourites of the moment – a mix of high street and luxury;

[shopr collection=”loafers-2″ order=”random”]


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