Making meditation part of my week Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa Galway

I have mentioned before here that I use the use the Headspace App for meditation. Well I love it – hands down I feel that I am more balanced and on point when I meditate in the mornings before work. Not sure why it helps so much but those 10-15 minutes of focusing on my breathing really helps center me for the day.

I am not stressed as easily at work – and I can only put that down to meditating as nothing else in my day to day life has changed (and certainly not job stress). I have read for years about the benefits of meditation on a person’s day to day life and I always just put it down to waffle. But then a dear friend of mine kept telling me to try it and the beautiful Alison Canavan also spoke of it’s benefits and turns out that they were onto something!

Now I feel like I am at the stage where I want to take my practice to the next level and learn in person from someone. I want to improve and grow and I know that there are certainly things that I need to work on. And as if it was meant to be I received an email about classes that are going to start in the Radisson Spirit One Spa!

Making meditation part of my week

They are going to be running a 6 week seated meditation class that starts very shortly on September 08th! The classes are on at 7pm so great for me since I work during the day and are only 50 minutes long – this is great for two reasons; (1) I can currently only hold my focus for around 10 minutes (2) It won’t take over my whole evening.

I am certainly going to go – it seems like perfect timing and the cost is reasonable in my eyes. It is €15 per class if you drop in or else €75 for the full 6 weeks. I am going to go for the drop in option as I know that there are certain weeks that I won’t be able to go. But I am very excited to get started.

Hopefully I will learn more about how to help my own meditation practice and become more relaxed in the process. Meditation really does work in my opinion and also just having a small amount of time that focuses just on you is great for your mind as well. And these are introductory classes which means that if you haven’t done it before it won’t seem intimidating and will help you to let go and be still.

If you are interested in going they have a Facebook event page here or you can call them directly either (091538423). I am really looking forward to getting started and hopefully might see some of you there 🙂


    • Hi Ciara, I am the same – but I think that by even recognizing the thoughts and then trying to move past them is a great achievement, our minds are always racing so even slowing them down is beneficial. I definitely can’t clear my mind each day but some days are certainly quieter than others 🙂

  1. The app was recommended to me by my GP and is fantastic! I like the idea of these short classes too – last time I did a class it was just too long and I lost all my concentration.

    • Hi Sinead, it can be so hard to try and focus for so long – I really struggled at the start with anything longer than a minute but I kept going at it and really enjoy it now. I am hoping that I survive the classes 🙂


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