Review - Mise Éire - I Am IrelandIreland has such an interesting and rich history and I think as I get older I have become more fascinated with the actions of the past that have shaped this future. The Mise Éire – I Am Ireland Stage Show how showcases this history through a stunning musical production. When I went to see it I was honestly blown away.

Mise Éire shows our magical past and amazing mythology with breathtaking traditional Irish dancing and soulful vocals that is enriched with the music of some of Ireland’s most talented musicians. And I was seriously impressed.

I am not the biggest musical fan so I was not too sure what to expect. I was hoping that it would keep me entertained as I have been to other shows before and left unimpressed. But right from the start, the show drew us in. It started with a  stage full of music, singing and dancing and who knew that I would love the harp!

Review - Mise Éire - I Am Ireland

The show goes through events like the legend of the legend of Cú Chulainn, Famine and the emigration, the link to Galway of the infamous the Claddagh Ring, the 1916 Rising to tales of Grace O’Malley. You can read all about the sections in detail here. They have managed to make so many different events into one cohesive show that flows so well and easily moves from one set into another. And the energy both from the stage and then the response from the audience meant we all left smiling.

It was the dancer’s performance that really left a lasting impression. They are seriously talented and the male Irish Dancers are honestly some of the best that I have seen. The speed at which they can move is mesmerising! I wish I had of kept on my Irish Dancing after school as it is such a beautiful form of dance.

The entire show encapsulates the richness and grittiness of our past and whether you are visiting Galway and want to learn more about our Country’s past or you are from here and looking for a fun evening I would recommend going. The dancing really just wowed me -seriously – their feet move SO fast!! 🙂 The show is on twice a week on Mondays and Wednesday and you can reserve tickets through the Mise Éire website or the Town Hall Theater. Will you be popping along?


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