MOXI Loves Eye Catchers Review

This is the product that I wish was created years ago! The MOXI Loves Eye Catcher Cleansing & Correcting Buds are such a simple but genius idea that seriously I didn’t know I needed. They are basically individually wrapped pre-filled cotton buds with a kick ass click-to-release formula that cleanses but doesn’t irritate even my sensitive eyes.

Pamela Laird who runs the Beauty Parlour in Terenure is the creative talent who created these cleansing buds and you may also recognize her from Xposé sharing her tips and tricks. It is great to see an Irish Company doing so well with such a high quality product.

I was actually a little cynical about these when I placed my order as I was wondering what could these do that a normal cotton bud in micellar water couldn’t? Well it turns out that these are the handiest tools to those who wear make all the time or those who wear it only every once in a while!

MOXI Loves Eye Catchers Review

They come in packs of 24 and each of the eye catchers are individually wrapped pre-filled cotton buds. They are super travel friendly, alcohol free and contain vitamin E, aloe and coconut extract. These have not irritated my eyes at all when I have been using them and since they are individually wrapped I am not at all concerned with regards germs etc. getting on the buds in my handbag. To use them you just hold the bud with the coloured ring end up and bend to snap it. That then releases the cleanser and it goes down to the other end and you are all set to go! 🙂

MOXI Loves Eye Catchers Review

When applying your make up they are fantastic for fixing anything that has gone wrong – like when I am attempting to do my eyeliner and it goes wrong (all the time!) 🙂 And then what I really love about these is that I can throw one or two in my handbag to fix any make up mishaps that happen during the day. They are small and discreet and so easy to carry in your handbag.

MOXI Loves Eye Catchers Review
When it’s been a good day with the latest Irish Tatler, Fresh Flowers and your Moxi Eye Catchers arrive 🙂

I am certainly a fan as I just love how easy and useful that they are. If you want to try them you can buy MOXI Love Eye Catchers here or you can see stockists here.



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