Floralesque My Favourite SnapChatsSo I thought that I would do a post on my favourite Snapchats since I spend so much time on it! Snapchat is easily one of my most used iphone apps and definitely the one that  drains the most from my poor battery!! It has become such a prominent mainstream social media platform  I can’t actually remember a time before Snapchat – it’s completely taken over.

There are a few reasons why I enjoy Snapchat so much…. firstly  it feels more real, Instagram can only feel like you are watching life through a filter and on Snapchat you get to see more ‘Real Life’, and you can’t also contact and talk to people easily. It’s more instant and interact-able than many of the other social media platforms  and I love that aspect of it.

The ITWBN ladies to follow;Into the West Blogger Network Snapchatters Floralesque

First up is @superfitfoodie, she is a health and fitness blogger and her Snapchat is FULL of DELICIOUS food and she does mini-cookery lessons as well. She also has workout tips and it’s just a good overall one to watch 🙂

@lovejoules is the photographer for the Into the West Blogger Network and has a great eye for fashion and trends and her blog is one of my favourite to read. Her Snapchat is just an extension of her blog and that is how it should be. @styleboothique has an amazing fashion and style blog and is just so personable on her Snapchat that it makes it easy to watch.

The Other Irish Bloggers that I love checking in on (or Snapstalking lol) Irish Bloggers on Snapchat Floralesque

@RetroFlame1 is a stunning Kerry girl living is up in New York and working for a fabulous fashion company – her snapchat is both funny and honest and her style is hands down one of the best on Snapchat. But do be warned it may cause you to want to move to NYC!! Next up is the @TheMakeUpFairy – Joanne is such an inspiring woman. She has single handily become a much sought after make up artistry, created an award winning blog and soon to release a book but to name some of her accolades.  Her snaps are honest and full of fitness inspiration and Penny’s hauls – a normal girl with a far above normal skill with make up!

@Tmcevoy24  is a normal Dublin girl who is beautiful and funny and ever so slightly mental (but in the best possible way). She is currently on the trip of a lifetime – well worth a watch as she is taking everyone along on her travels. @facesbygrace23 is another Dublin lady and soon to be an Inglot MUA – I’m so excited. She is someone who shares a lot and you really get to know her on a day to day basis. 

The International FolkInternational Blogging Snapchatters Floralesque

@lilypebbles is a UK Beauty Blogger and YouTuber and one of the first bloggers that I ever followed. Her daily Snapchat is just fun to watch – herself and new fiancee have just brought their first place and it’s so fun watching them getting all set up!  @carlyrowena is one of the few fitness Snapchatters that I follow and one of the reasons that I like her is that she makes fitness normal and being fit doesn’t seem unattainable – also you will LOVE her little French Bulldog Steven! 🙂 TOO adorable for words!

@collegeprepster is one of the few American Snapchatters that I follow, please recommend more to me! I love her preppy style and you guessed it she has a little pup also… a french poodle called Teddie (full name Theodore Fitzpatrick and he even has his own Instagram…). @tatiwestbrook is the other American Snapchatter that I follow than I may have a girl crush on! She is just stunning – she does AMAZING You Tube tutorials and I love how unapologetic she is about being so glamorous

And I’ll leave you with an adorable picture of Teddie….. you’re welcome :p

Floralesque Snapchat The College Prepster
Image Credit – The College Prepster

Finally… the ones to keep you laughing…

@jameskava and @jamespatrice will have you in stitches every day – honestly too funny not to include! Oh and last but by no means least… you have to follow @lovelygirliebits – she is hilarious and could keep you entertained for hours! And check her video out on being a Snapchat Addict… a Snaddict!!

All images are from the ladies’s Instagram.



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