Floralesque Smoothie Receipes

Back at the end of the summer of 2015 we brought a Nutribullet with the hopes that we could increase our vegetable and fruit intake on a daily basis in an easy way. We used it on and off until the end of the year and then decided that those months were the trial run!! From the start of January we are having a smoothie 3-4 times a week and are loving it so far. So I thought that I would share my go to Morning Smoothie – it’s easy and yummy and a good recipe to get started with.

This is a good starter smoothie as you are getting some vegetables in but it is very sweet. When we first started off we tried adding loads of kale and spinach etc. but to be honest we just didn’t find them pleasant to drink so decided to ease ourselves in gradually.

So in my morning smoothie is the following:

  • Spinach – about a handful and make sure you wash first
  • Pineapple – freshly chopped (not canned) and about half a handful
  • Strawberries – just a few, you can use fresh or frozen as the Nutribullet will blend both. I prefer fresh but it depends on what the fruit looks like in the shop on the day.
  • Some blueberries – these I always buy frozen and just throw a few in
  • Goji berries – I use dried berries and throw in a few
  • Chia seeds – I use powdered Chia Seed and just add in a teaspoon

And that’s it – not complicated and easy to make – you can see why it is my go to morning smoothie. I will be sharing a smoothie tips post in the coming weeks with how to add in more vegetables etc. as I am of the opinion that the balance should be higher in the vegetable favour.

Do you have any go to smoothie recipes that you love?

This post is not sponsored etc. by any of the brands featured – this is literally just a snippet of my daily life & what I use. And if you are using frozen berries please be sure to read this.


    • Hi Louise, thanks so much – it’s really delicious and you can always up the vegetables if you want to make it even better. I have found that starter with the more fruity ones is a great way to get started! Let me know how you get on xx


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