My go to Smoothie when feeling unwell Floralesque

When I start to feel a bit under the weather or I feel the flu coming on I have a go to smoothie recipe that I make. It’s delicious and also I find has helped me ward off illness (it could be the vitamin C content!) but be warned it can be very sweet.

So in my smoothie is the following:

  • Oranges – about 2-3 oranges depending on their size. I just peel them and then cut them into quarters and drop them in.
  • Lemon – I add about a quarter of a lemon
  • Honey – I add about 2 tablespoons of honey
  • Water – the base liquid that I use for this one is water as if ill I don’t like a really thick smoothie and often it will be warm (not boiling!) water
  • Sometimes I will also add in a few berries, carrots, ginger or turmeric as well

It’s a quick smoothie to make and it has made me feel better on many an occasion. I like when I look up recipes when feeling off weather that they are not complicated and you can just rock and make it.

This post is not sponsored etc. by any of the brands featured – this is literally just a snippet of my daily life & what I use. These are just my own thoughts and not meant as medical advice.



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