As you are probably aware by now Depop is an app that allows you buy clothes from fellow DePop users on your phone and you have the option of paying with Paypal which is also great as you have that sense of protection there. There are SO many great people to buy from on DePop but there are a few that I have brought from regularly and find great for both quality of the items sold and also how quick they ship and I thought I would share if you are looking for some new updates to your wardrobe!

 Briony aka A Girl, A Style (@AGirlAStyle)

My Top 5 DePop Accounts Floralesque 2

I have lost count the bits and pieces that I have brought from Briony from Kate Spade scarves to J. Crew Bangles. Briony has a fantastic sense of style and is quite preppy and put togeather. She also has an amazing blog and is certainly one of my favourites on Depop. Her shipping is always fast, she leaves feedback and the parcels always arrive in great condition.

Triona aka Modafix (@Modafix)

My Top 5 DePop Accounts Floralesque 1

Triona runs the fashion blog Modafix and again this is someone that I have brought from quite a few times. I have picked up items like Corcra Snoods and a stunning Zara dress. Certainly one to watch if you are looking for stunning dresses and some Irish Designed pieces. She has also included cute little postcards and in a parcel this week a present of a pair of earrings to match a dress I purchased.

Kit Lee aka Style Slicker (@StyleSlicker)

My Top 5 DePop Accounts Floralesque 3

Kit Lee is based in the Uk and her blog is one of my favourites (you may see a theme here with buying from other bloggers!). I just have to mention the quality of the images on Style Slicker – so chic and professional. Anyway, back to Depop… Kit does just ship to the UK however I have purchased two pairs of fab Ash trainers from her and just arranged the shipping myself. She is super professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Erika aka Retroflame (@Retroflame)

My Top 5 DePop Accounts Floralesque 4

I am sure that may of you know who Erika Fox is – one of the most famous Irish Bloggers who currently lives in New York City. Well her Depop has some treasures on it and she normally updates her online store when she is at home in Ireland and the items are posted super quickly.

Andreea aka Dreaming of Chanel (@dreamingofchanel)

My Top 5 DePop Accounts Floralesque 5

What I love from Andreea’s page is her bags! She has the most amazing collection of bags – of and also shoes but sadly never in my size but I have brought bags 🙂 She of course also has a fabulous blog – Dreaming of Chanel which if you like fashion blogs is certainly one to check out. The last bag that I brought arrived before I had even realized I had ordered it – fab seller!! 🙂

Remember to take Depop with a pinch of salt – not everyone is honest in their listings and I have been stung a few times. For example, I once brought a leather camera case which looked great in the pictures however the seller had failed to mention that the inside had significant mold on it! But overall I have had great experiences and if patient you can find some fantastic pieces -and if you do follow bloggers online often they will sell items as well – both Suzanne Jackson and Joanne Larby have great Depop accounts!


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