I don’t know about you but this recent cold snap is playing havoc with my skin. It is a combination of walking home in the cold wind and also the air conditioning in work. It has left my skin feeling dry and my poor lips chapped and sore.  So today I wanted to share what I am doing to try and help my skin and lips get back to their normal healthy condition.

My Morning Skincare Routine

1. Skincare Routine

I have also upped my skincare routine in the past few weeks and have been much better at following a set routine. I have shared my current morning skincare routine here and am still following this. I am not a beautician or skin expert but a normal person who uses normal products – so if you too are just a normal person then I think sharing the products that I enjoy may be helpful.

And don’t forget to look after your hands in the cold weather – I am still following these tips.

2. Elemis Biotec Facial

You may remember here that I had an Elemis Biotec Facial in the Radisson Blu, Galway around this time last year. Well, last week I went in to them again to get another one. I loved the results from the first one and they last more than just the day that I had it.

On Saturday, I had the Elemis Biotec Radiance Renew facial and WOW. My skin soaked up all of the anti-oxidant goodness that was being applied and I left feeling so happy with my glowing skin. This facial is good for renewing dull skin and also adding much-needed hydration back in. There is an ultrasonic peel which helps exfoliate the skin and then there were two different types of masks applied – one of which uses a galvanic rejuvenating current which I found so relaxing.

My top 5 Tip for Winter Skincare

By having a facial like this one I think it has given my skin the much-needed boost that it needed to help it tackle the cold air and help it to get back to where it was. If I can keep on top of my skin routine after this then I have no doubt that the issues with the Winter weather will be nullified.

3. Wearing SPF

I suffer from mild rosacea so to try and keep it at bay – before I leave work to walk home I put on a layer of SPF. This may not be possible for everyone, especially if you wear makeup to work but at times like this I leave the foundation at home and focus on what I can do to try and help my skin. I am currently loving two (1) the Image Skincare Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 50 and (2) Phyt’s Fluide Protecteur SPF 30.

My top 5 Tip for Winter Skincare

It is said that you should wear SPF every day and I do apply in the morning before I leave the house but am very much guilty of not reapplying it throughout the day. Since it is so overcast and dark when it comes to home time – until now I was not reapplying.

4. Drinking more water

I have been actively trying to drink more water. I do think that the cold weather dehydrates me more so I need to make sure that I am drinking at least 2 litres a day. I am even following my own tips here!


 5. Pollution Protection

Since my walk home is over an hour I am walking on main roads beside traffic. This certainly cannot be good for my skin and I would love to protect my skin from the fumes from the cars. There is so much written about this as well that I am confused! But think that I may try the Murad City Skin SPF50 PA++++ when I run out of my current sunscreen. Does anyone have any good recommendations for something to help protect my skin?

Are there any things that you do to protect your skin in the Winter Months?


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