My Top 5 Vlogmas Picks 2017

I watch quite a lot of Youtube – especially when I am cooking dinner or blogging as I find them interesting to watch and easy to watch in the background. There are some channels that I constantly follow and if you are looking to watch some interesting content this week as many places of work may be calming down or even over Christmas then these could be the ones to watch! I know that some of the content may be outdated with regards events, but they are so enjoyable to watch that I do not think it will matter!

1. Erika from Retroflame

I am sure that many of you are familiar with Erika Fox from Retroflame and we have even mentioned her before here and there. I like her sense of humour and the behind the blogging scenes that she opens up to us with. She and her sister are super easy to watch and also I would love if my hair was in as good condition as hers is! Certainly, one to watch – you can click here to watch now.

My Top 5 Vlogmas Picks 2017

2. Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia is who I follow for both content but especially for her style. As I have gotten older and this industry forever getting younger, I love to follow someone whose style is relevant to me, as is her skincare etc. She really comes across as a genuine person and I also admire that she is not afraid to take the mick of herself on camera in her vlogs as well. You can click here to catch up and watch her Vlogmas videos!

My Top 5 Vlogmas Picks 2017

3. Victoria from In The Frow 

Victoria is who I look up to with regards blogging inspiration – not many bloggers can be successful in both the blogging and Youtube world and not duplicate their content. She has a very editorial feel on her blog but a natural on the vlogs and more personable. Also – she has just completed a dream collaboration with Ted Baker and Nasa (you can read her post here)!! Now, she is not officially doing Vlogmas but her posting has gone up to most days and I love that her content covers travel, fashion and skincare. You can get inspired by clicking here to watch her videos.

My Top 5 Vlogmas Picks 2017

4. Emma Hill

Emma always makes me laugh – she is hilarious and again one I follow for style inspiration. I only started following her a few months ago but have been hooked since. Her style is very much jeans and blazers with beautiful accessories plus she names her handbags which is just awesome. She has not stuck to daily uploading but I like that she is not forcing out content and you can always rely on her videos to be finished beautifully.  Click here to catch up on her Vlogs.

My Top 5 Vlogmas Picks 2017

5. Naomi Smart

I follow Naomi for a different reason than the above, and that is for her healthy lifestyle. She clearly takes her health seriously and it shows in her videos. I like how she just incorporates being healthy and focusing on well being into her lifestyle in a more natural way, and does not make a massive deal out of it. If you are looking for  inspiration over the holidays, then this could be one channel to watch (click here).

My Top 5 Vlogmas Picks 2017

Are there any Youtubers that you follow? I would love to find some new people to follow over the holidays so please let me know your recommendations.


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