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So many of us spend so much time on our phones that it makes sense that we should make our phones work for us as well. I live through my phone – okay slightly dramatic but I use it ALOT. And for that reason I also use my iphone for some health and fitness apps. I thought that I would share My Top Health & Fitness Apps with you as you may find some new ones to help keep those New Year Resolutions!

For MeditationHeadSpace App

What I love about this app is the simplicity of it, there are short guided meditations and the app also has reminders. I like that they are short as sadly I do not have the time to spend an hour meditating but I do make 10 minutes in the morning for it. There are only 10 free and then you have to pay but for the moment the free ones are working for me. The benefits of relaxing this way are numerous – this short article is really good at going through them.  I like to meditate to try and reduce stress and center myself.

For tracking waterDaily Water App

I have mentioned this App before in my how to drink more water post and it is one of the Apps that I use most consistently. I use this every day and track how many glasses that I drink – I am now averaging 11 glasses a day which isn’t bad for 3 weeks of focusing on it.

For tracking nutrition My Fitness Pal App

This app is one that you can input the food you eat onto it and then it calculates up and advise the fat, carbohydrate, calories of all the food you eat in a day. I am aware that many use this app for calorie counting however I do use it to track how I am doing nutritionally each day. You can set targets for what you would like to achieve which is great. It’s worth a shot if you want to track what you are eating.

For counting the miles – Nike+ Running App

I use this app for tracking how far I have walked or run in the week. It is simple to use and I have never had an issue with it. I find the GPS grand to use and quite accurate. Another alternative would be the MapMyRun App – this is similar. I have also recently downloaded the Nike+ Training App and can’t wait to try it out!

For a quick workout7 minute workout App

This app is really great if you have some time to spare but don’t want to go outside or head to the gym. It is also really handy if you travel for work and want to do a quick, intense workout in your hotel room. Another handy feature that this will integrate with your Health app on your iphone (not the Daily water app also does this).

Something else that can be a good thing to use on your iphone is your calendar! I know it sounds a little odd but you should plan your fitness in like you would any other appointment. Plan when you are going to do that walk or that 7 minute workout and then put it into your calendar. You need to plan to get healthy and fit or else you will keep finding excuses to not have the time. Make yourself a priority.

There are LOADS of Apps out there to help with health and fitness in the App world and believe me I have many more downloaded – but the Apps above are the ones that I actually use on a daily basis. I would love to hear what apps that you use to help keep you on track.

Please note that I use an iPhone 6 and this post is not sponsored etc. by any of the apps featured – this is literally just a snippet of my daily life & what I use to help stay on track!


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