New Lease of life with Nu. Wardrobe

Sometimes you see a brand creating an idea and you wonder why wasn’t that there before. Well, when I saw Nu. Wardrobe I thought just that. 

Nu Wardrobe believes that each time you want to wear something different it shouldn’t mean that you need to buy something brand new. There are so many ways that you can find a beautiful piece that’s ‘new to you’. And this is the very essence of their brand.

If you need something new to wear then you pop onto Nu. Wardrobe and you can borrow an item of clothing from someone else, or buy vintage – this is, in my opinion, the opposite of how the current fast fashion works. My definition of fast fashion is that you see something in a store, you buy it, wear it only once or a couple of times and then move on and repeat the cycle. By thrifting, borrowing or buying vintage you are giving new life to a piece of clothing. You are prolonging its shelf life and using it in a more sustainable way. It also may mean that since you are buying less 9and if more people follow suit), then the retail stores will need to listen.

And if you are unconvinced then consider this fact from their website – you will save money but for each item borrowed we save on average 7,100 liters of water and 11lbs of C02 that would have been used in the production of a new garment.

he story of Nu. is one that I think is fantastic as it really shows how passion and an entrepreneurial spirit can get things done and can make a difference. Nu. was born in 2015 by Aisling and Ali and when they traveled to India in the and had the unique experience of meeting garment workers and hearing some of their experiences first hand. On their return to Ireland they saw their old wardrobes in a new light. And they decided that the world needed Nu..

You can check out more on their website, and they are also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

All image credit to Nu. Wardrobe.


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