& Other Stories SS17 Preview

I attended the & Other Stories SS17 Preview recently and fell in love with the clothes that will be coming in for Spring Summer next year – think floral, fun and then also more of a tailored look. & Other Stories will be coming soon to Dublin (hopefully before the New Year) but I will be sharing more on that next week. Today is all about Spring Summer 2017.

& Other Stories SS17 Preview

The preview itself was held in the decadent Marsh’s Library just on the outskirts of Dublin city and it was the perfect location. The tall perfectly preserved oak book filled cases that lined the room added a romantic air of history to the showcase that helped give more depth to the pieces. The library itself is open to the public and it has remained unchanged for three centuries – it houses more than 25,000 rare books. In a time where so many people want to move so fast – it is so relaxing to step into somewhere so grand and steeped in history.

& Other Stories SS17 Preview

& Other Stories is usual in that there are two ateliers that design their collections. One is based in Paris and one in Stockholm, and they are both independent of one another. I found this simply fascinating. That there can be two very separate ateliers that design very different collections but on the shop floor have an even split of floor space and it works.

& Other Stories SS17 Preview& Other Stories SS17 PreviewThe Paris aesthetic in the Spring Summer collection is bright, floral and pretty whereas the Stockholm aesthetic is more classic and tailored. Both appealed to me for different reasons. Many of the Stockholm pieces would suit perfectly when you need to be slightly more done up in work but still want to have an edge. The Paris collection I could see me wearing many of the pieces for a relaxed evening of cocktails and specifically there is one pink to ombre dress that just makes me want to go on an air balloon ride. It is just so floaty and pretty that it was the first thing that popped into my head 🙂

other-stories-ss17-preview-floralesque-3Paris Atelier – 

“Feminine and extravagant, this collection explores the decadent bourgeoisie. The look is flourishing in lavish details, rich  olours and floral prints, reinventing the perception of French flair.” – Philomène Tellaroli, Accessories Designer, & Other Stories

& Other Stories SS17 Preview

& Other Stories SS17 Preview

Paris Atelier Maximalist Joy – The SS/17 collection from the Paris Atelier is decadent and rich, introducing another chapter of bohemian escapism. Impressive floral prints are one of the key elements alongside high collars and embroideries, all decorative on their own, but when combined reveal a maximalist joy. The ultra-feminine silhouette shines a light on bell sleeves and ruffles, while turning dresses, blouses and knits into modern season-defining pieces. A bold palette of pink, red, blue and white frames this lavish look of the decadent-but-cool bourgeoisie. Stand-out accessories such as scarves are worn as necklaces, complete with chunky brooches as decoration, mini bags are full of appliquĂ©s, and the rings and earrings are grandiose, emphasising the eclectic universe that has become synonymous with & Other Stories’ Parisian designs.

& Other Stories SS17 PreviewStockholm Atelier – 

“Dress up or dress down your outfit this season with a pair of contradictory shoes. Mix casual with stiletto heels or dress down tailored pieces with soft easy flats. Find an effortless look by playing with proportions and contrasts.” –  Nicole Wilson, Shoe Designer, & Other Stories


Stockholm Atelier Renew Volumes – The Stockholm Atelier presents a strong and minimalistic SS/17 collection. Influenced by the 1930s’ relaxed yet chic approach to layering, this collection features a contemporary silhouette with a focus on volume and shape. Shoulders are slightly dropped and waistlines are marked, combined with key details such as ribbons and belts that control the flow and shape of the garments. In a palette of light blue, yellow and white paired with bright green and black, the signature tailoring of & Other Stories’ Stockholm expression tells the story of a new kind of power dressing. Graphic cuffs and necklaces are worn over garments, while shoes, soft leather flats or boxy heels bring a contradictory element to each look, dressing it up or down. This collection captures a thought-through and innovative approach, adapted to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

& Other Stories SS17 Preview

The accessories were the real winner on the day for me – I love dressing up an outfit with an unusual of statement accessory and there were some beautiful geometric earrings that could do just that. There was also a similar necklace that I simply must pick up when the SS17 Collection comes into stores.

& Other Stories SS17 Previewother-stories-ss17-preview-floralesque-2

Perhaps I have been slightly living under a rock but I had not looked at the & Other Stories beauty collection before. I had always focused on the clothes and the accessories and I was clearly missing out. The nail polishes are in the most stunning colours and the body scrubs just smelled delicious so they were certainly the two stand outs for me.

& Other Stories SS17 Preview

& Other Stories SS17 Preview & Other Stories SS17 PreviewI for one am very excited about the new store coming that will be opening on Grafton Street but will be sharing what you can expect in stores next week on Floralesque! 🙂

& Other Stories SS17 Preview


  1. The Spring/Summer stuff looks amazing! I thought the stock from the opening night was fab but the new collection looks even better. The nail polishes are worth buying also- I bought one and it’s really hard-wearing.

    • Thanks for the top on the nail polish Edel – I loved the colours but have not tried them before. I certainly will be now 🙂 I was so sad I couldn’t make the opening night but I have to say the Spring/Summer stock really looks fab. Also – slight sidenote – I love your Instagram feed! 🙂 x


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