Alessandro Amendini Proust Armchair Floralesque ID2015

Dublin Castle was the host of the ‘Playing with Tradition’ Exhibition as part of Irish Design 2015 and I wanted to share some of the AMAZING pieces that caught my eye. The exhibition was held in the beautiful Georgian Rooms beside the State Apartments and the rooms on their own are stunning.  The exhibition itself was a collection of ceramics, textiles, jewellery, millinery and tablewear just to mention a few areas and included work from Philip Tracey to Alessandro Amendini to Una Burke.

The very first piece that I actually just fell in love with was the armchair above. It was beautifully made by the amazing designer that is Alessandro Mendini and is called the Proust Armchair. The colours are just eye catching and the patterns are fun as well. The frame is painted wood and then the fabric is painted with these patterns and it is certainly a show stopping piece that was first designed in 1978 though Alessandro has resigned the pattern many times.

Una Burke Design Floralesque ID2015This amazing piece of leather work is by the talented Una Burke. This is called the ‘Taste’ leather bust and the leather workmanship is breathtaking. Una makes all her pieces by hand in London and has worked with people from Daphne Guinness to the Hunger Games! The overlapping patten and then detailed design on the front really appeals to my aesthetic.

Philip Tracey Floralesque ID2015

“Every hat I have ever made has begun in my mind as a photograph. I can see it on the model, at the right angle, before I even begin.” – Philip Tracey

This absolutely stunning head piece was created and designed by the oh so talented Philip Tracey. You may remember in my post about the ITBWN post that he also helped designed the G Hotel in Galway. His creations have been worn from everyone from Lady Gaga to the Duchess of Cornwall which shows both his versatility and also that is style is so transferable – always a sign of an amazing designer also are amazing awards that he has won such as winning the British Accessory Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 5 times!!

Here is the full listing of the designers that exhibited at the exhibition: Nigel Atkinson, Karen Brennan, Una Burke, Maurice Clarke, Helen Cody, Seliena Coyle, Claire Curneen, Arthur Duff, Lisa Farmer, Jacopo Foggini, Isabelle de Borchgrave, De Vecchi, Paolo Giordano, Elisa Giovannnoni, Nuala Goodman, Richard Hutten, Marianna Kennedy, Alessandro Mendini, Uros Mihic, Paola Navone, Claire Anne O’ Brien, Donatella Pellini, Paola Navone, Gaetano Pesce, Jarmila Mucha Plockova, Jennifer Slattery, J.Hill Standard, Philip Treacy, Kyoko Wainai, Max Wax Zelouf and Bell and here are some more images from the day:




The exhibition is on from 5.06.2015 – 6.09.2015 if you would like to pop along.


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