Protest SS18 Shamania Collection

Protest Womens SS18 Shamania Collection

Do you ever read about a collection and without seeing a piece, you just want to see more. Well, when I read about the Protest SS18 Shamania Collection, I wanted to read more as it sounded so intriguing.

“To hell with logic, to hell with obstacles – Let’s do what we love.”

Protest Womens SS18 Shamania Collection

What drew me to the brand was their use of Tencel. Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics and is made from eucalyptus trees and the bi-products of the fabric production are recycled. It is not in all of their pieces but certainly enough that it made me investigate the brand more. In 2018, Protest has continued to increase their sustainable options by producing a board shorts range featuring recycled cotton and polyester, as well as those made from a bamboo blend with 80% of their shorts now coming with a 4-way stretch.

Protest Womens SS18 Shamania Collection

The Protest brand itself was a new one to me and I actually came across it while searching for more sustainable fashion options. The brand itself was founded by a group of snowboarders from Holland! One of the flattest places in the universe. Home to exactly five hills and fourteen waves according to them. They wanted to design fashionable and functional sportswear at an affordable price and they did just that. Their design team includes sixteen designers with international backgrounds in sports and fashion. In addition, they have a global network that includes international fashion gurus and innovative partners from the fashion and textile industry who enable them to work with state-of-the-art technology and the latest fashion trends, and I love the end result.

Protest Womens SS18 Shamania Collection

The Spring Summer Women’s Collection is just stunning. It is about a return to nature, freedom, and living life. And it is fun! Their inspiration behind the collection was actually inspired by Shamans and their ability to enter altered states in order to connect with the transcendental energies of the world – it sounds quite magical but I like the idea of harmony between us and nature. Protest wants to harness that respect and understanding, and reintroduce it’s balanced into society.

Protest Womens SS18 Shamania Collection

The colours in the bikini and swimsuit collections are so bright and bold that I instantly just fell in love with them. I also really liked the images on the site – they are fun, bold and really embody that summer feeling. I don’t actually surf (well I have tried but am terrible!), but these and THIS were just stunning and want me to make me try surfing again!

Images kindly provided for use by Protest.


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