Pumpkin Halloween Fun with The Body Shop

I adore this time of the year; the crisp evenings, hot chocolate, roaring fires and the luxury of treating yourself on darker evenings. I find that in the Autumn and Winter I look after my body better skin wise. I always feel that I have more time to treat myself and The Body Shop body butter range are a staple. 

Pumpkin Halloween Fun with The Body Shop

I am also a sucker for seasonal scents – so when I saw that The Body Shop was releasing a Vanilla Pumpkin Collection I was very excited. This is literally like Autumn in a box and I just had to share on here today.

The limited edition collection has a yummy pumpkin fragrance, with notes of vanilla from Madagascar, and hints of tonka bean, hazelnut, and maple syrup. This delicious collection is also 100% vegetarian which is great for me as a vegetarian for over 20 years and two products are even 100% vegan.

Pumpkin Halloween Fun with The Body Shop
My Top Picks of the Limited Edition Collection! 🙂

There are 4 products in the collection;

  • Hand Cream €6.50. I love their hand creams, they absorb quickly and leave little residue. So if you are looking for a new hand cream then certainly one to try out.
  • Body Butter €20.95. This I have no doubt will be the one that I favourite out of the collection. Their body butters are always a treat and I love getting them as gifts as well. They leave my skin with a lovely scent but also feeling super hydrated.
  • Shimmer Mist €12.50. Now this one will probably not be for me as I am not an insanely shimmery person but this may appeal to you or perhaps to a  younger audience – they advise to use as a finishing touch after moisturising.
  • Shower Gel €8.95. This is another product that I will try. I love a delicious scent in a shower gel, and I am just finished my orange scented shower gel so need to buy another one this week.

Do you buy products seasonally? I think that since I don’t do the whole pumpkin spice latter etc. I know that come mid-November I will want scents of cinnamon and other festive scents around my home and on my skin. Plus the packaging is super cute which is an added bonus 🙂


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