Ready, Set, Soak - Why I love Epsom Salts Floralesque 3

I heard many, many years ago that an epsom salt bath relieves achy, sore muscles and for the last number of years I have found them fantastic especially if I have over-done it with the exercise. There are many debates online with regards their effectiveness but personally I find that I feel so much better after having a bath with some epsom salts thrown in.

Okay firstly, if you are not aware – Epsom Salts are not actually salts, they are a mineral compound containing magnesium and sulfate and they come from Epsom in Surrey, England. So if you run out of salt – no rock or table salt will replace them 🙂

These are the 3 main benefits that I have found using them for the past few years but others have found many more (Link);

  1. Relieves any muscle cramps that I am having
  2. Eases any achiness that I feel in my joints/muscles 
  3. I feel more detoxed after my bath and for some reason more gounded – more than if I just have a normal bath

And this is one time where I am not fussy with the brand – so long as they are quality salts I will go with most brands. These Westlab salts are some I purchased in TK Maxx and have found them really good (This is my third bag of these specific ones!). I add two cups into my bath each time and I find them quite inexpensive to purchase as well.

Ready, Set, Soak - Why I love Epsom Salts Floralesque 2

These three are all backing up my Epsom salts in my bath. Firstly, either the Tesco My Senses Muscle Ease OR else the Radox feel active shower gel (yes sometimes I use shower gel in the bath – don’t judge me 🙂 ) and then always a super scented bath product. Currently I am loving this Creigthons vanilla and macadamia cocoon bath bubbles. I LOVE the smell of this! I am aware that some people say that using any type of soap/bubble bath may interfere with the action of the salts but personally I have not found this. These are not the only bath products that I use –  these are specifically the ones that I use with the Epsom salts. There are others that I use if I want a more luxurious experience.

Now I will be honest sometimes I think that a bath is slightly over doing it – I am more of a 15 minute shower girl but I do think that it is important to take time for yourself and since I am way to afraid that I will drop my phone if I bring it in with me – this also serves as a kind of digital break as well. Important for the mind. By the way what I would also recommend is that you turn your bathroom into a mini-sanctuary and do take yourself into a spa like atmosphere with some of your favourite relaxing music on as well.

So there you go – what I do to try and relieve my aching muscles, with the start of my 100 Day Fitness Challenge I think that I will be needing to take one or two of these baths!! 🙂

Slight Warning – I have heard that they can lower your blood pressure and if I am very tired I can feel slightly dizzy in the bath. It has never put me off using them as generally my boyfriend is in the house somewhere when I am in the bath but just something to keep in mind. Also, to point out the obvious – NEVER take these orally! Also – not sponsored – just love these products 🙂


  1. I’m about to start the gym (again!) tonight so this is perfect timing 🙂 I just know I’m going to feel really sore over the next 48 hours so might swing by the shops for some salts later. The vanilla and macadamia cocoon sounds incredible too!

    • Best of luck tonight – it can be so hard starting back, but the pain will be worth it 🙂 Oh definitely do – they are so worth getting (also the perfect excuse to take luxurious, relaxing bath!)

  2. Hi! I love your blog and I actually nominated you to take part in the Liebster award. Not sure if you’d be interested but all the details are on my blog. ☺️

  3. My Boxer has trouble with anal glands in warm weather. We sit her in tub with Epsom Salts and very warm water to soak and really seems to help. Thanks for this, it reminded me how good Epsom salt is. I used it in warm water foot baths for the elderly I cared for. They all loved it and I m sure it was beneficial to them.


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