Review - PHYT'S Protective Fluid SPF 50 & SPF 30

I am that person who will always have suncream on no matter the weather and if you need some then I will generally have a mini-bottle in my handbag. So, it takes a lot for a suncream to impress me as I have trialled and tested so many over the years. Well, after using the Phyt’s Fluide Protecteur SPF 50 (High Protection Fluid SPF 50) and also their Crème Protectrice SPF 30 (High Protection Cream SPF 30) these are two that I will be repurchasing again. 

I always repurchase my suncream at the start of Spring and then try out new ones as they are released. To me, it is for health reasons and not cosmetic that I wear such a high factor so often. I generally always wear Factor 50 on my face and then Factor 30 on the rest of me. Since I wear minimal makeup to work I do reapply this before I leave the office and they have not left a white sheen to my face, they have just left my skin feeling moisturised.

PHYT’s is actually a new brand to me and they are a 100% Natural Certified Organic Skin Care Range and have been developed in France created back in 1972. I am a fan of French skincare so that also ticked another box for me with this sun cream. On a side note, they use plants that are grown in complete sustainable agriculture and maybe it is my age but items being organic is becoming more important to me.


The creams sank in quickly to my skin and certainly left my skin feeling soft and nourished. This was not a surprise as it is rich in vitamin E and Shea butter. It didn’t leave a sticky residue on my skin which I was delighted about and also did not break my skin out. The actives in it are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so perhaps since this is a more natural form of sun cream it worked better with my sensitive skin. You can read more about their ingredients here.

I have to point out that I have quite sensitive skin and both of these did not block my pores or cause me to break out. I think that is important as I have tried other sun creams in the past and after a few days of use, my skin just negatively reacts.

The sun creams do have a distinctive scent which I don’t mind but it is something to keep in mind when you are buying if you are sensitive to smells. Personally, the scent is now associated with our few days of good weather so I quite like it! Probably the only possible negative about this if you don’t like scented products.

Review - PHYT'S Protective Fluid SPF 50 & SPF 30The Packaging

The packaging is also a win for me – they are both under 100ml so great for hand luggage when you are travelling. And both have pumps. The pumps are fantastic when you are at the beach – there is nothing that bugs me more than getting sand into my sun cream tube! The pumps are super easy to use and so far zero issues with them. Both have been thrown into my handbag for the past few weeks and I have had no leaks and due to their size they do not add any weight to my already over flowing handbag.

Would I repurchase? 

I always trial out products for a number of weeks if not months before talking about them on here and these have been a winner to me. I always know I am onto something when a product makes it from one handbag to the next when I am changing them 🙂 So yes to repurchasing when these run out! If you are looking for a new more natural sun cream then click here to buy online or find a stockist!

Their Instructions: Apply generously to the face and sensitive areas from the beginning of sun exposure. Reapply frequently (every 2 hours) and after swimming. Do not expose your skin to the sun for long periods and stay out of the sun between 12 AM and 4 PM. Does not offer 100% protection. Sun over-exposure is a serious threat to your health. Make sure you always read the label and protect yourself in the sun!! 

Contains PR sample – opinions all my own.


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