Review - Pulled Screen Printing Workshop

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There is nothing I enjoy more than learning a new skill or going to a workshop to expand my skill base. Or even just to try something new that I know I may not do again but want to see what it was like! So when my other half treated me to a voucher to try screen printing in Pulled in Sligo I was excited to try it.

Pulled is based in a workshop behind the Model in Sligo and they have a great operation set up. They are relatively new in Sligo but are off to a flying start. Pulled is ran by power duo Edel and Danny and they were great teachers in all aspects of how to screen print. For those who may not be familiar, screen printing is using a mesh to transfer ink onto a surface (like paper, fabric etc.).

Review - Pulled Screen Printing Workshop
The Masters at Work!

I attended a two-hour introductory workshop and we learned the basics of screen printing. Edel and Danny really know their stuff and no matter what we asked they both were well able to answer! It is great knowing that the people who are teaching have a true passion for what they do and it always adds to the experience. I also really like that they have created much of the equipment themselves – I am a fan of making what you can when starting out as it makes sense and what they have created works brilliantly.

Review - Pulled Screen Printing Workshop

We started by learning about what screen printing was and was is involved in creating a print. We went through all of the types of paints, materials and the actual ‘How-To’ to print on a tote bag.The entire process was actually more complicated that I had first thought – the entire process from exposing the design to the final actual of squeegeeing the print has a lot of moving parts.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how a screen was printed and seeing both the good side and the difficult side of getting it 100% correct.

Review - Pulled Screen Printing Workshop

The below is the exact listing of what we covered during the two hours:

  • Introduction to screen printing
  • Overview of the printing process
  • Practising using printing equipment
  • Experimenting with pre-made screens
  • Printing onto textiles and paper

Review - Pulled Screen Printing Workshop

They also specialise in eco-friendly water-based inks and ethically sourced apparel which I think is important to note. I left with some prints on paper as well as a tote bag – all of which I had printed. I would certainly say that I am no expert on the process but really enjoyed the experience and would go back again.

Review - Pulled Screen Printing Workshop

You can check out more details about pulled on their website here or follow along on their adventures on Facebook, Instagram and also  Twitter! I was certainly glad of the surprise voucher and it was such a fun way to spend an evening! 🙂


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