Shine bright with Paula Knorr Spring Summer 2019The Paula Knorr Spring Summer show was simply mesmerizing and the contrast between volume and fitted silhouettes made it such an interesting show to watch coming down the runway.

There was certainly a 1970’s party vibe to the dazzling collection which was sensual and glitzy at the same time. In a nutshell – disco with a modern twist.

Shine bright with Paula Knorr Spring Summer 2019

Fabrics include soft viscose crepe, lightly stretched cotton and shiny metallic lamé.
Soft jersey gowns and light cotton tunics are fused with bold, Swarovski crystal
embroidered mini-dresses and voluminous trousers. Illusion tulle is printed with
glittery clouds to create translucent textures. The colour palette combines soft pastel and crème tones with warm pink, oranges and steel blue. Transparent sequins and soft lamé fabrics are interwoven with light cotton to introduce a summery feel to the evening-focussed collection.Shine bright with Paula Knorr Spring Summer 2019

What was also interesting about this collection is that alongside ready-to-wear, Paula has also collaborated with design duo RÄTHEL&WOLF to create statement jewellery featuring SWAROVSKI crystals in new ways; the minimal and bold language of the jewellery elevates the collection by contrasting with Knorr’s signature fluid shapes. They are visually stunning and complement the garments beautifully.

Shine bright with Paula Knorr Spring Summer 2019

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