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You may remember this post when I shared that I had been long-listed for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016, well after the next round I am over the moon to have made it to the next stage and have made the short list! 

Floralesque has made the short list for ‘Best Fashion Blog‘ which is amazing. There are some fantastic other blogs in the category and to be honest it is great just seeing this blog name among them. Some of the blogs in the category are ones that I have followed for years so it is such an achievement for a blog that is just over a year old to be on the list at all! 🙂

It is also quite exciting that it is being sponsored by Littlewoods Ireland as I am already a customer and just find their customer service amazing. I especially love their Nike trainer selection 🙂

It is also great being considered for Best Fashion blog as this blog is not your typical fashion blog – it is certainly centered around fashion but the usual OOTD posts don’t feature on it. Floralesque features around Irish Designers and promoting Irish Design. This is something so close to me and I love interviewing designers – both established and emerging and learning their stories.

It has been said to me by quite a few designers at this stage that they like Floralesque because it has that twist, a fashion blog that talks about the people behind the clothes and not the normal fashion blog showing someone wearing the clothes and that means a lot.


There are of course other parts to this blog such as lifestyle and soon to be enriched travel section but the core is Irish Design. Getting through to the next stage in Awards like these is such a great nod to my blog and shows that people do enjoy reading which is always a nice feeling. I want to say a massive thank you for getting me this far as it does mean a lot and also best of luck to all of the other nominated as well!

If you would like to vote for Floralesque in the Awards then I would love for you to click the button below – thanks so much xx

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