Smashbox Masterclass with LetzMakeup and Janine Bird

Boots in Galway recently held a Smashbox Masterclass with and Janine Bird. Siobhan from LetzMakeUp is a beauty blogger who also has an amazing YouTube Chanel and Janine is the Course creator/National Training Manager for Smashbox Cosmetics UK. It is rare to have such amazing make up Guru’s in one place and especially linked to a brand I love as much as Smashbox so I had to go.

Firstly Janine went through the history of the smashbox brand from when it was founded in 1990 up to today which was actually quite interesting. I like that the brand has grown out of need and not just created for the sake of it. If you have five minutes take a read of this short summary of the brand’s history.

Smashbox Masterclass with LetzMakeup and Janine Bird

Here are some of the tips and topics that we went through on the day;

The Perfect Brow – 

According to the fabulous ladies we are now in the time of a ‘No Brow’, and have moved from on from the severity of the Scouser brow and HD brow and today’s bow is all about a softer more defined brow.

The Perfect Foundation

Siobhan firmly believes in making make up look flawless and that foundation should enhance the skin and not cover it like a thick blanket. Her beauty icons are people like Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani who have porcelain skin and are embracing their pale skin. Funnily, the thought of having mask like make up gives Janine the sweats. Both of the ladies were open and friendly on the day so their tips were like gold dust and they gave them out freely  which in itself is priceless.

Day to night Makeup

During the day have your foundation and brows done but pare back everything else. Then once it comes to night time – go to town with the Kohl eyeliner and do a strong lip. And remember with regards contouring that you need to do this very differently during the day versus when you are heading out. You can get away with a lot more at night so don’t be afraid to go a little heavier when contouring.


So strobing has apparently been around in the MUA industry for quite a while but I know that personally I have only heard about it within the last year. And the ladies tips for strobing:

  • It is about maximizing the high angles of the face – the bridge of the nose, your cupids bow
  • The rule of thumb is to only highlight what is already there and don’t try and create new features
  • You may not need to highlight everywhere – don’t draw attention to the features  that you don’t like, if you don’t like your nose then don’t highlight it
  • ‘Lightbulb Noses’ are not cute 🙂

How to take The Perfect Selfie

And finally how to take The Perfect Selfie – tips from Davis Factor himself and Janine found her #SelfieSalvation with these tips;

  • Taking a good selfie is all about light and shadows – know where your light is coming from
  • Be aware of your body position – don’t just focus on your face
  • Do not look directly into the camera – go slightly side profile – it will capture a skinnier you
  • Drop your chin slightly when taking the picture and then look up to the camera – it will hide your chin and then make your eyes look enormous
  • You will not get the perfect selfie in one shot – you may need to take 50 just to like one of them!



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