Doing a Social Media Clean Up Floralesque

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Recently I have not been feeling enthusiastic about some of my social media accounts. It’s not that I don’t want to use them – sometimes it just felt that my feeds just weren’t as interesting to scroll through as I once found them. I am sure that everyone goes through this – that what you have found interesting a few years or even months ago no longer holds the same appeal. So I started the mammoth task of a complete social media clear down. And I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing either. 

And what did that entail I hear you ask – well basically I went through my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and all the people I am following and also my Twitter lists. It took hours but now at least when I click into my Twitter my feed is full of people who are interesting, I want to interact with or for fashion/style news and the same for my other accounts. Some share mainly inspirational quotes and some are so creative that I am more inspired to work harder to create better content.

And if you are interested in doing the same – and going back to loving your feeds – here is what I did;


Twitter had grown to be a place where I didn’t see the updates that I wanted to see/interact with and into a place where there were random comments from people that I didn’t even remember following.

Unfollow People

This may sound harsh, but years ago when I started using Twitter I followed so many random accounts – some which are now inactive and some which I genuinely have no interest in their content anymore. I think that this is natural – you are not the same person today as you were 5 years ago so it makes sense that your interests also changed.

I did also go through a phase a few years ago where I thought that you ‘should’ follow everyone back who followed you. As I have grown as a person over the past few years, I have realised that this doesn’t make sense and everyone should follow who they wish with no obligation.

So I went through every person that I followed and unfollowed those who I no longer wished to follow. It was quite the job and took about 2 hours to do. It was very interesting though to see who I used to follow and also who I had forgotten about but whose feeds I love! I also did find out that Alan Carr follows me which is pretty awesome and his accounts is one I still follow 🙂

Follow People who interest you

I am aware that some people only follow people who may follow them back and they are only on Twitter for the numbers, and that is entirely fine. Everyone has their only reasons for using different platforms and over the past few months my priorities have changed. I was so thrilled to get to 500 followers on each of my platforms that once I did – the numbers seemed less important.

I started looking at those in blogging, travel, design, fitness and style that I thought that I would like to follow and started following them. My feed is much more interesting now!

Use Twitter Lists

Since the new Twitter algorithm rearranged our timelines from being in the order Tweets were posted to what they believed that we preferred I stopped seeing all the updates that I used to enjoy.

Twitter lists are a great tool for just seeing the content of accounts that you want to engage with. There are two settings available – public and private. The public account means that everyone can see your list and the people you add in are notified and then private only you can see. Some of the Twitter lists that I have created include Designers, Bloggers I like and brands I like. But you could create lists to follow the leaders in your industry or those who you want to interact with more. I can’t wait to start just clicking into the accounts that I really want to see the updates from.


Facebook had a similar job done to it. I know that the advertising on Facebook can be less than ideal when it comes to looking at your feed – but I also had some very random pages popping up with updates all of the time. So I went through all of my page likes and un-liked any pages that I had no more interest in and some of them had me in stitches. I have been on Facebook since 2006/7 so there were some hilarious likes 🙂

Like as your blog page.

For those of you who are bloggers and have a blog Facebook page did you realise that you have your page feed? It is similar to your own feed but it is for pages that you like as your page. When you click your blog page feed it also means that you can leave comments on other people’s posts as your blog. I like that I can specifically click into this feed and then go through on a commenting spree 🙂

By liking some pages as my blog and others as my personal page it means that my feeds are much more enjoyable.


I don’t know if you are the same as I am – but tend to go through phases on Instagram where I find a trend I like and then like a large number of accounts that follow that theme or cover that topic. Well now my feed is so disjointed and covers all different topics and some of them I don’t have the same level of interest in.

So I went through all of the accounts that I follow and some were an automatic ‘yes love them’ and no further review was needed but other accounts were not the same. Some accounts I couldn’t even tell by their name what they were about so I clicked into each of them, scrolled down and just kept the ones that I still liked.

Clearing up your accounts takes time so I did it while watching TV and it didn’t seem as monotonous. Do it over a period of time and you will be through it in no time!

Doing a Social Media Clean Up Floralesque

And the end result

Twitter – I can now decide to either scroll through my feed as normal or else click into one of my Twitter lists and just seen that content. I am certainly more active on there now and can see more of the type of content that I enjoy.

Facebook – this has been the second biggest change and mainly on my personal feed. There is less ‘noise’ and more of my friend’s posts which to be honest is what I want to see on my Facebook feed. And I am really enjoying seeing all of my Facebook page likes than on my blog page feed – I love reading other blogs so it is great to have them all in one place. So those who I follow – you may notice less of Amie and more of Floralesque 🙂

Instagram – I now only see content that I genuinely love. It has also made a change to my Instagram Stories. Since the stories have come in I haven’t really been too interested as most of them didn’t interest me. But now that the stories are just ones that I like the accounts of I am certainly clicking in more.

I don’t know why but it feels great to have my social media organised. I feel more on top of it and I want to click on my accounts to see what people are posting! It no longer feels overwhelming and I am beginning to enjoy my accounts more. Let me know if you try this and how you get on – trust me it is worth the time to go through your accounts 🙂


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