Spring Trend Prediction - Statement Earrings
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One of the biggest trends to emerge out of 2017, was the rise of the Curated Ear. You may remember that we spoke to the Maria Tash Team to learn more about the trend and how it took off. Well, now things seem to be changing as we are coming into Spring and the dramatic statement earring seems to be taking over.

Tassle earrings really began the trend at the end of 2017, and the trend has really gone up a notch this month. There are so many bold and dramatic options to choose from and what I like about this trend is that you can generally find something stunning regardless of your budget. There are some fantastic options on the high street as well as some more luxurious options. Personally, with a trend like this that may not be here into 2019, I go for more high street as unless you choose carefully they may not end up being an investment piece. Yes, trends do come around again… but it may not be for a while.

JW ANDERSON Moon Face gold-tone and varnish earrings
My all time favourites – JW Anderson Moon Face Earrings

The really great thing is that there is an option for most fashion styles – like to look edgy? Try a metal pendent style piece. Like to look preppy? Try a long earring with pearls. Like to look on trend? Try large hoop earrings with fringe. Like the grunge look? Try dramatic black metals. I do kid about putting people into a style ‘box’, but there are such great ways to wear the trend.

The question has become – how dramatic is too dramatic? How large is too large? And my answer – who cares! Adding a large or bold earring to an outfit can completely transfer your look – and often add a fun element to a more basic outfit, or a bold edge to an office suit. This is one trend that is easy to have fun with and that you can change up often – here are some of my top picks!

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