Standún, Spiddal - a store with a difference

There are some stores that are part of the heart of a city and its identity. In London there is Liberty, in Dublin, there is Brown Thomas and then in Galway there is Standún.  

Standún can be found in the heart of Spiddal in Connemara and its location is just breathtaking. It is very much by the Atlantic Ocean and you can see some amazing views from the store. If you have not been out towards Connemara then it is certainly worth a drive out there. The store itself is only actually 15 minutes away from the city so it’s a quick trip out and back which is so handy.

Standún, Spiddal - a store with a differenceThe store itself was founded back in 1946 by May and Máirtín Standún – so it has quite the rich history. And I love how the story started – May and Máirtín saved all their money and purchased a galvanised shop/house in Spiddal. They grew the business while being a key part of the community and back then sold it all – from groceries to clothes to bicycles! It became THE place to shop in the area and also a meeting place for the local community as well.

Standún, Spiddal - a store with a difference

In the 1960’s at the instigation of Córas Tráchtála, Standún set up a finishing factory for Aran sweaters which was to become a most important aspect of Standún’s business, particularly as the tourist industry began to grow and develop in the 1970’s. To this day they are known the world over for their Aran Jumpers and to many Standún is the home of the Aran Jumper and even export them to markets abroad.

What I love about the store is that it is a family business – it is now run by Máirtín and May’s grand-daughters Clíona and Laragh and having met them – they clearly love the store dearly and that really shines through.

Standún, Spiddal - a store with a differenceThe selection of goods that they have in store is just hands down fab. They cater for everyone – with jewellery from Irish Designer Chupi to Aran Jumpers to gifts for your mum and dad. The store itself seems to go on forever and every corner seems to be hiding another treasure. They certainly do support Irish Design but also have some fantastic International Brands on sale as well. I know that I will be buying most of my Christmas presents from there this year.

It is also not just fashion and accessories that they stock – I fell in LOVE with their selection of homewares. They do the most stunning lambswool throws and I will certainly be asking Santa for one this year. Also, on a slight sidenote, they have a little cafe in store that does the most amazing cheesecake!! 🙂 A great way to end a fun visit to the store.

Standún, Spiddal - a store with a difference

This week Standún are hosting a free event called Yarn and I am really looking forward to it. They will be showcasing some of the wonderful Irish products they stock in their globally recognised store as well as guest food, fashion and beauty suppliers. They will have the amazing Irish Designer Deirdre Duffy from Wild Cocoon – I have interviewed her before here and she truly creates some of the most beautiful pieces. You can book tickets and read more about it here. And if you can’t visit the store – Standún can be found online here.


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