Stella Simone for & Other Stories Recycling Initiative

& Other Stories has long been one of my top choices when it comes to high street retailers as the clothes are well made and I like the tailored feel of many of their pieces. The brand has featured on Floralesque many times – for example, their collaboration with Kim Gordon (amazing!) so it is actually quite surprising that I have not shared details of their recycling initiative on here before.

Stella Simona is the LA-based blogger behind the Chai Time website and is a blog that I have followed for many years. I especially love her style of photography, for example, her use of shadows here – rather than following the ‘norm’ of bright images, she used shadows to bring proper depth to her images.

Well, for Earth Day 2018 she collaborated with & Other Stories to encourage more people to take advantage and use their in-store recycling program. They created an oversized tote bag with printed recycling message “Recycling with us is easy”.

Recycling with & Other Stories is actually quite easy! The brand wants to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world, and recycling is a big part of that. And if you recycle with them you get a 10% discount – WIN WIN!

Beauty Recycling

  1. Simply return one, or more, of our empty beauty containers to one of our stores, and get one voucher with a 10% recycling treat as a thank you. Please note that your voucher can be used once and is valid for three months.
  2. The packaging is sorted according to material directly in the store and then passed on to the nearest recycling station.

Textile Recycling

  1. Simply fill a bag with any textiles (all brands are welcome!) and bring it to your closest store, and get one voucher with a 10% recycling treat as a thank you.
  2. Your bags are then collected from the store by their recycling partners and all textiles are passed on for their next best use via their recycling partner (read more here)

If you want to read more details about their recycling – then you can click here, but to me it is win-win. This is a program that I do take advantage of as I am very conscious of the amount of clothing that goes directly to landfill annually so any little bit that I can do I will do.


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