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Everytime that I go to Strandhill in Sligo I always end up popping into Shells Cafe and their adorable little shop. Since it is coming up to Christmas I thought that I would show you some beautiful pieces and let you step into the magical world of the Little Shop. The Little Shop is actually part of Shells Cafe which is an integral part of the village. Strandhill always has a part of my heart – the people, the atmosphere and the beach – it’s somewhere that always brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it.

Sunday at home always means heading to Shells for a delicious breakfast (probably eggs and soliders but more about that again) and then a browse through the shop on the way out and today was no different. But I wanted one of everything today even more than normal! I thought I would share some examples of what is in the shop today in case you were looking for some last minute gifts.

Shells Little Shop Floralesque 1
Amazing pouches in fabulous colours!

First up is the delightful wooly warmers made by the amazing Corcra – Irish Handmade Crochet Accessories. I adore the bright colours and fun bobbles on these hats and scarves and they would make the perfect Christmas gift. I have one of their hooded cowls and just love it – they are really well made and the attention to detail in them is amazing. The stock in Shells of Corcra pieces does change – and I love that – the items are not mass-produced. Corcra pieces are fully handmade and you can feel the love and attention gone into each piece.


CORCRA SHELLS LITTLE CAFE FLORALESQUENext up are some pieces from Arty Smarty, now this brand is new to me but their pieces are nature inspired, beautifully cut and some pieces just have a level of fun to them. I have a feeling that I will be buying quite a few pieces….. they are too adorable not to buy. This is just a tint selection of the pieces available in Shells  – I would advise you to get in quickly as these will sell out! 🙂

Floralesque Jewellary Handmade Shells Litttle Shop 2

Shells Little Shop Floralesque 4

Next up is some stunning geometrical pieces. The simplicity of the designs along with the mix of the metals is so eye catching and yet not over the top. These are the type of pieces that would get you comments and in a good way – to me they are chic and yet unique at the same time.

Floralesque Little Shop Strandhill Sligo

I will leave you an assortment of other pieces that are currently available in Shells, their stock is constantly changing and since I am only home every few weeks it’s great being able to pop in and see new pieces each time. Another post will be following in the New Year about their delicious food and amazing story – they have a truely inspirational story of how two people can follow their passion and end up with a thriving business and having that happily ever after.

Shells Little Shop Floralesque 3

Shells Little Shop Floralesque Shells Little Shop Floralesque Shells Little Shop Floralesque

Shells Little Shop Floralesque


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