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As some have commented Floralesque has started to draw the focus more to Sustainable and Ethical Fashion over the past few months and that focus is going to continue to grow. The more I read about what we are doing to this planet the more I get concerned that my fast fashion pieces that I buy too easily are having an impact on our planet. And I want to make better decisions. But sometimes it can be hard to know how to make the decision on how to make those decisions.

You can expect more on the topic on here in the coming weeks and months as there is a backlog of articles drafted that I want to discuss and also bring focus to. I think it is important and for some reason have been holding them back – but no longer as the cause means a lot to me. I will still be talking all things Irish design, beauty favourites and travel etc. but I want to bring sustainable and ethical fashion to the forefront.

I have tried over the past few months to stop going to certain fast fashion stores and I am certainly buying far fewer clothes that I had been doing and you know what – I do not miss it! And you know where I have seen another benefit… in my wallet. Since I am not popping in on my lunch hour to pick up a ‘few bits’ I have made real savings which I am noticing at the end of the month now – and it is driving me to keep going.

Everyone has a cause that means something to them – for some it is helping to fund raise for funding research, for others an environmental cause, for others to help someone close to them, for others it could be to help a non -profit and the list goes on. Perhaps it is not fund raising – maybe it is volunteering or buying that MAC Viva lipstick instead of a regular one. The main thing is that people want to help and to give back and I think that in this dark world it is very important.

I enjoy going to events that support causes and often pop onto Eventbrite to see what events are on around me and in Ireland in general. And I am in London shortly and I also searched for events there as well! 🙂 To be honest sometimes that only way I know some events are on is by searching on Eventbrite. I do like how easy it is to use and how easy it is to find events – and that is exactly how I came across the Stiall Event.

I do not know how I had not heard of Stiall before but it is a website that is all about sustainable fashion! The event that founder Linda Conway is holding is a talk about fashion choices and how we can be more sustainable. It links directly into what I am feeling passionate about. Linda will discuss fashion movements and how we can adapt a new attitude to fashion consumption without too much effort. It sounds right up my alley and exactly what I want to learn more about! It is €15 and you can book tickets to Stiall on Eventbrite here.  Will you be coming along? 

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