Style on the Go – A Guide for Busy Women

There are many of us that work a busy day job and then comes home and starts a separate life – whether that be as a mother, a housewife, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a blogger to mention just a few hats that women take when they live the day job. I for one often find that I am looking for more hours in the day to try and get it all done.

When Scarlet from High Style Life got in touch and offered to share some style tips, I said yes, please! Today she is sharing some amazing tips to get you started on the right foot this week!

Style on the Go – A Guide for Busy Women

A woman whose planner is constantly jam-packed doesn’t have time for experimenting. What she needs are tried and tested items that will work for, not against her. She doesn’t have the luxury or the patience to stand in front of her wardrobe and plan outfits for each and every day. That’s why it’s crucial for her to have a well-curated wardrobe that never fails her, and signature accessories that are low-key but always do the job. If, as you read this, you say ‘this is me’ – well, this one goes out to you. If you need to put your best look forward at a moment’s notice, we’re here with tips that will get you there, so let’s jump in.

A blazer a day keeps the stress away

There are very few clothing items that are as versatile as a great blazer, which is why you should own as many of them as you can afford. They can be fitted, oversized, double-breasted, long, short, in neutral hues or in subtle patterns; you can even own one or two that come alive in colour. They go amazingly well with dresses, pencil skirts, jeans, chic blouses and regular tees. In other words, they can complement just about anything. They’re a complete chameleon that adjusts to every outfit and elevates it instantly. For no frill chic – always turn to a blazer.

It’s all in the fit

You don’t need to own a ton of jeans – you can get away with three perfect pairs as long as you shop carefully and always keep your body type in mind. A pair of jeans that fits like a second skin is a time- but also style-saver, especially with the office dress code that is now more relaxed and an increasing number of workplaces have given jeans the OK. Wide leg trousers are also incredibly chic, and so are culottes, so snag a pair of those as well.

Follow the minimal road

Don’t overflow your closet with items that contain busy patterns that are difficult to mix and match. Instead, take a cue from the minimal lovers and stick to great fabrics, timeless cuts and neutral hues such as navy, olive green, beige, camel, grey as well as non-colours – black and white. Stick to subtle patterns and leave the pops of colour to the accessories.

The signature

There is absolutely no accessory as powerful as a great pair of sunglasses. You could be wearing the most casual outfit, but with the right specs, it instantly becomes a look. You can choose to purchase multiple pairs or stick with one investment pair that’s always in your purse and is incredibly flattering. Many Aussie girls wear prescription glasses, but they don’t let that stand in the way of their stylishness. A lot of girls in Sydney, for instance, simply pay a visit to their go-to optometrist in Hornsby, pick out the most stylish frame and make it their signature look. Whether they’re sun- or prescription glasses, there are so many chic frame choices now that your style won’t just be uncompromised, but actually elevated.

Speaking of staples

No matter how simple and minimalistic your outfit is, it can always be taken to a new level with the right bag. A busy woman doesn’t need the hassle of placing all her belongings in a new bag every morning, which is why investing in only one or two great designer bags that speak volumes about you is an excellent way to go. A stylish bag is an accessory that will always draw attention, and once you’ve got your choices narrowed down, they can also serve as a kind of a personal signature. When purchasing them, keep the words “high-quality” and “timeless” in mind, and you won’t make a mistake.


There was a scene in Grey’s Anatomy in which Bailey, as chief, is forced to wear high heels in order to look presentable and she resents that fact. By the end of the episode, she throws the pumps in the trash bin and takes her clogs out of a drawer. Contrary to popular opinion, no, you don’t always have to be in high heels, especially not when there are so many wonderfully chic flat choices. You can go for stylish loafers, ballerina flats or mules, most of which are even more stylish than your run of the mill pumps. Be a Miranda Bailey and break with convention.

With a wardrobe that simply meshes well, you won’t even have to ponder the next day’s outfit the night before. Whatever you decide to pair up will work marvellously, just shop wisely and every time you consider making a new addition, think of how it will get along with your current collection.

Style on the Go – A Guide for Busy Women


Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.


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