Re-evaluating my priorities

My beautiful home of Strandhill, Sligo – there is nowhere better to gather your thoughts

This Christmas I decided to take a full break from Floralesque and my social media. I think I posted just one photo for Christmas and then an Insta story for New Years when I was home in Sligo. I decided not to make any announcement about it – just to step back and reflect on 2017. I have previously spoken about taking a digital detox here, but this time it wasn’t about just stepping back from the screen(s), it was about evaluating my work/life balance. View Post


I will conquer

I will conquer

Do you have something that you feel is just defeating you? I do. It is a 10k race that I did in both 2014 and 2015 and was unhappy with both races. Nike ran a race…

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