The Body Shop Count Down to New Years Calendar

The Body Shop is a brand that I have been a fan of for as long as I can remember. Anyone else remembers the animal shaped soaps and did you collect them like I did? Well, the brand has certainly come a long way since the animal soaps I collected back then but has always stuck to its values against animal testing and high-quality products. 

They are also innovative in their products and offerings. And this year they are offering something that I have not seen before – a Count Down to New Years Calendar. Rather than an Advent Calendar that counts down to Christmas, this one counts down the days from Christmas until New Years. I love this idea as sometimes the days until New Year can be slightly more down after the big build up to Christmas Day.The Body Shop Count Down to New Years Calendar

They have included products like a Matte Lipstick, one of my favourite moisturisers the Moisture Cream Vitamin E (you can read my thoughts on it here) and also a much loved Himalayan Charcoal Mask in the Count Down to New Years Calendar so as they say prepare to party like you mean it! You can buy it here.

The Body Shop Count Down to New Years Calendar

And don’t worry they are still doing their amazing normal Christmas Advent, calenders this year! They have both the standard one (here) and the deluxe one (here).

Again, these are the most amazing gifts to give – they are calendars that actually offer value for money (in my opinion), and for that reason, I always recommend them if someone asks for a recommendation for a beauty advent calendar style product. Are there any that you love or would recommend as I love finding new ones!

Not paid/Sponsored/NO Affiliate links – just sharing what I love! 


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