Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque

Recently I attended the The Bridie Brunch to end all Bridie Brunches – okay so that may not have been officially it’s name….. however it was certainly one of the most hilarious events that I have been to!

So to start what is a Bridie Brunch I hear you ask…. well basically the event was like seeing your favourite Snapchatters Snap in Real Life. Sometimes people may portray themselves a certain way on social media and then when you meet them in real life they are like completely different people – well let me tell you with these four women that is certainly not the case! They are absolutely as warm, funny and slightly bananas (in the best possible way) in real life as they are on your phone. To quote the amazing Sharon Leavy ” the people who live in my phone are all real”.

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque
The Amazing Venue – Sober Lane D4, Dublin

Okay so to get us started so you know who the Bridies are….

Laura Cunningham – Laura is first and foremost a previous member of the band Triniti, and then after her singing career she has also rose through the ranks to be the editor of Confetti wedding Magazine and recently has launched her own AMAZING partywear and gift business called Hippenings and has has a cat called Steve. Also, I have just realised that these all sounds like bad dating website ad’s… sorry ladies!!! 🙂

Ellen Kavanagh – Is the amazing entrepreneur behind Waxperts Wax and is the perfect example of how passion and hard work combined can lead to success and amazing shoes. Her brand has gone from strength to strength and international! Having met her in real life I can honestly say she has the grit to become one of the Ireland’s best business women. She is engaged to the witty and very dashing Conrad and mum to the ADORABLE Cooper.

Aisling Keenan – Firstly you must be advised that she is Beyone’s ‘unoffical offical’ towel holder…. and is the beauty editor of Xpose Magazine and blogger at Think what you like. She is an avid scarf wearer and probably my favourite of the bridies – I think it’s her honestly and she’s just a good egg. She also may or may not like Beyonce…..

Karen Constantine – Is the most hilarious person that I watch on Snapchat – from discussing her pubicles to her emmmmm body movements…. HILARIOUS. She is also half of the beauty behind LovelyGirlieBits and mum to Bailey who magically talks to us all on Snapchat. Also, she loves being asked where she works…. hee hee

I think what is also important is that none of the ladies are just a pretty face, they are all independent, hard working and inspiring.

You can follow the girls on Snapchat (or Instagram or Facebook etc.) via the following handles:


Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque

So imaging the scene… its 10AM and you walk into one of the trendiest pubs with the offer of bottomless mimosas and Beyonce (of course!) blasting out of all the speakers – we just knew that it was going to be fun.

When we walked into the room – all the girls were greeted us all with warm, open hugs and the laughter was contagious. I ended up sitting with the fab Aoife which was great as I didn’t know many others there. Not that it would have mattered because to quote the normally clean mouthed Aisling ‘It’s is inclusive as f*ck’!

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque Sober Lane D4
My favourite picture that I took on the day – just having the craic

The whole event was just so relaxed (the bottomless Mimosas may have had something to  do with it…) and I don’t think I have laughed so much in ages. Firstly, Conrad Jones (@conradjones13) was MC at the event and he certainly added to it, and the chemistry between him and Ellen is just so adorable.

The girls all went into how they got to where they are today and then we all got talking about beauty bits and basically had the ultimate chats. What was great was the fun that the Bridies had between them as well as with the room – it meant that it felt like we all knew each other and sure wasn’t the craic mighty. It was just one of those days where you had to be there to truely get how fun it was and when we had a Q&A at the end I don’t think anyone wanted the day to end .

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque
The moment your other half gets talking and you know where it’s going… lol

In slightly other news…. when flicking through the MANY photo’s I realised that Laura is hilarious when she gets excited over something – look at this montage which I have decided to title ‘The amazing faces of Laura Cunningham’ 🙂

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque Laura Cunnningham Hippenings
I also think that it captures how much fun that the Bridies were having as well as we were.

Now we need to take a moment to mention the food…..
Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque Sober Lane D4 Food

We were in for such an unexpected treat with the food! I thought that it would just be normal pub grub and wasn’t over excited to be honest plus being vegetarian sometimes I find that there is just the option of ‘chips’. BUT wow was I in for a surprise – the food was AMAZING!! There were three AMAZING courses and Sober Lane really pulled out of all the stops… can I just say two words… BREAKFAST PIZZA. I will definitely  be heading back to Sober Lane D4 again – the staff were amazing and the food was outstanding.Goodie bag Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque Goodie Bag


The goodie bags from the event were beyond amazing – they had items from WaxpertsFolkster, InglotPennysPhysicians FormulaImage Skin Care (OMG!!), Vita Libertara, Stila Make-Over Voucher and Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque Goodie Bag
The most amazing Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush – the bristles are so dense and  soft.

If you see tickets popping up on Twitter or Snapchat  – I highly suggest that you nab one. You don’t need to be a blogger or devout Snapchat user to enjoy the event as it is just about having the ‘ultimate chats’ and meeting new people.

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Brunch Floralesque Selfie
Oh and yes here is a shameless Selfie with Aisling…

And I leave you with this great pic of the fabulous ladies themselves….

Snapchat Bridies Bridie Bruch Floralesque The Bridie Brunch to end all Bridie Brunches
Ellen, Karen, Aisling and Laura – the Ultimate Bridies Photo Credit: Snapchat Bridies Facebook Page


    • Hi, it was so much fun! I think any time a bunch of beauty lovers get in a room it’s gonna be fun 🙂 And now I really want to try out the Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer after reading your concealers post 🙂


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