Geansi-beag na Nollaig Mini Christmas JumperAt Christmas time I think that most of us now go through the routine of searching for the perfect Christmas Jumper. I always look for something that is cute, Christmasy, NO bells or lights and also try in vain to get a jumper that I won’t meet 10 other people out in. And then after the search I still normally meet 10 other people out with the same jumper – just to advise I did go with the Late Late Toy Show one this year.

Then on a night out in your jumper they can make you…. well I only have one word; ‘glisten’…. in a pub wedged by so many people I am always bittersweet about choosing to wear a Christmas Jumper. Yes I am festive but no I am not comfortable. Well now let me introduce the Mini Christmas Jumper – otherwise known as ‘Geansi-beag na Nollaig‘.

These fabulous little Christmas Jumper Brooches are the perfect alternative to the mass produced jumpers and are made by hand by Carrie from the blog Carrie’s Small Plate. They will look cute with just a normal night out oufit and in my opinion much more fashionable.

Geansi-beag na Nollaig Mini Christmas Jumper Floralesque

Carrie does share the pattern on her website as well for those who are more skilled in that department than I am – I have ordered mine but I thought it great that she gives you the option to make them yourself as well as to buy them.

The jumpers can be purchased here and have also been featured on


  1. That is such a cute idea! Also practical as there is nothing worse that heading to a pub and there stands a group of 12 pubs of christmas jumper wearer sweating themselves away in cheap woolen fabrics!


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