Truffle Shuffle Little Miss Floralesque

This is probably the most random blog post that I have done to that – but the Modern Little Miss and Mr Men are just too adorable not to feature! Especially since it is so close to Christmas that if you are super lucky these might arrive in time to be an awesome Christmas present for that Little Miss Social Media in your life.

I think we all remember the original characters like Little Miss Giggles, Mr Strong and Mr Tickles to name but a few, well in our modern world – these new parody version are so relatable and just read these brilliant descriptions:

Little Miss Social Media: The first thing Little Miss Social Media does every morning is check her Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, not to forget her Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. She often finds herself thinking in 140-character long thoughts and witty Facebook statuses and a meal doesn’t count unless it’s worthy enough to be posted on Instagram.

Little Miss Selfie: There is no better selfie-taker than Little Miss Selfie. She always nails the perfect self-portrait and is an expert in looking #flawless in every photo and getting all the likes. If you or someone you know has a selfie game which is equally strong, then this is for you. Duck face at the ready.

Little Mr Manbag: Briefcase, bumbag, backpack – Mr Manbag can rock them all. He knows that a Manbag is an everyday essential for every stylish man (Joey Tribbiani eat your heart out!)

Truffle Shuffle Little Miss Floralesque

These Mr Men And Little Miss Parody Mugs are available exclusively on Truffle Shuffle  and designed in the same style as the original illustrations by Roger Hargreaves and I want to gift so many of these to my friends! I would advise you to buy these quickly as I have a feeling that these will fly out!


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