Time for a RefreshIf you have visited my blog over the past few days you may have noticed a few changes – okay not just a few changes but a complete overhaul. Everything apart from the content has changed – it is all different, more beautiful and super duper easy to use.

I have wanted for quite a while to redesign the entire blog as I felt that I had just outgrown it – my content has evolved but the website has remained static and to be honest not easy to navigate. Floralesque has also been live about a year now so it felt like the right time to make some changes as my content also continues to evolve and gain more direction.

The main homepage has had a complete overhaul and looks much fresher and cleaner. At the top it now shows recent and popular posts across the top of the blog and that is followed by the most recent post. Then I am loving having a grid of other articles – personally I like this when I go into a blog, it’s easy to what articles are there and I don’t loose feeling in my thumb by scrolling 🙂

I have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks organizing the categories. They are now easier to navigate and I went through each and every post since the site went live and reassigned all the posts correctly. There are some brand new categories as well. I have taken note of what you guys like to read and posts that don’t get the same traction and some of the new categories reflect this as well.  There is also a handy floating navigation bar at the top of the blog – so handy to click from one category to the next and I love that it stays at the top of the blog even when you scroll down the page!

Most importantly – my website is now fully mobile responsive, this may not sound like a big deal but my blog didn’t read well on devices that were not a PC/laptop and it was coming to the point that I was embarrassed not of the articles published but of how a person would read them. If you want to check if your site is mobile responsive click here.

Time for a Refresh
The Old Floralesque which now just looks clunky and didn’t even fill out your screen

It took me quite a while to decide who to work with regards the redesign as I didn’t want to hand my little nook of the internet to just anyone and I had heard great things about Pipdig. They have also designed sites for the likes of In The Frow and Carly Rowena so I knew that I would be in capable hands.

I’d say I drove poor Phil crazy with all my questions. We were going over and back over the past few months as I picked and chose what I wanted. I also had so many questions regarding the functionality of the site and how it would work. He was so patient and I have to say simply amazing to work with. I ended up choosing a theme with them and there will be more bespoke development work needed to tweak it to get it to where I envision it to get to but I am over the moon with the new site. A massive thanks to Phil as he put me completely at ease and for putting up with all of the questions 🙂

Please let me know if you like it, if you don’t and if you spot anything that isn’t working or doesn’t look right. Also, if you feel anything is missing that you would love to see. A massive thank you to everyone who reads my posts – I love writing and this platform lets me share my loves and inspirations and it means a lot that people do pop on to take a look. I feel like this is a fresh start and I cannot wait to start writing more content.


  1. Your new site looks lovely – and very mobile friendly! I’ve heard lots of great things about pipdig and starting to think about a redesign myself so it was great to hear another positive experience

    • Thanks so much – that means a lot as I was so stressed about changing it all 🙂 They really were fantastic – I couldn’t actually fault their service with installation and their customer service was also amazing. I love the clean look of your blog – really easy to read and some great reviews x


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