Floralesque Disneyland Paris Castle. Time to Step Back
Blogging should always be magical and enjoyable & I want my Mojo back!

This is a more personal post and why I disappeared from here and most social media for the last few days. I love writing and fundamentally that is why I have my blog but I felt like I was slightly losing my flow/mojo with it and felt it was time to step back and re-access. Normally I don’t step back so far but I feel like Floralesque needs a refresh – from design through to content. I also wanted to take a break for myself and spend more time with friends, sometimes it can be overwhelming and a break can be great for your mental health!

Over the past few months I have really tried to up my content game and also increase my consistency so I publish 4-5 times a week on here. I did this for me alone as I wanted to challenge myself and see what my capacity was to make quality content that I would be proud of and still post Monday to Friday every week.

What I have found is an increased love for writing and photo editing but another thing that has happened is that I can see where my strengths are and also a weakness with regards scheduling at a certain time each day. I tend to only publish articles that I would like to read myself or that I think others will find useful and I have certainly grown to love my interview series with different Irish Designers. This blog is my little corner of the internet and it reflects my life, loves and passions and that is not going to change but I think that I need to get more structured.

Floralesque Selfie
A rare Selfie 🙂

So after having a serious sit down and think about what I actually want this blog to be I will be putting in place a content plan so we know that Friday might be Design focused, Monday might be mindfulness etc. I am going to work on this in the next few weeks and hopefully you will love the more structured content.

Design is also really important to me and I have had a similar layout to the blog for the last year and since this month is the blog’s one year anniversary the layout will also be changing, I only recently learned that my site is not mobile responsive though I had been advised that it was when it was designed (I don’t view my own site on my mobile that often) and to be honest I have been left a little red cheeked because of it. I have contacted several web site designers and I am really looking forward to molding my little blog into a more beautiful space.

I am feeling really excited about the future of Floralesque and can’t wait to start sharing more and bringing you along with me on my adventures. If there is something that you would like to see more of please let me know xoxo


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