So you may remember my post a few weeks ago when I spoke about getting my eyes tested in Colette Kelly Optometry and after they showed me around both their prescription glasses and sunglasses sections of the opticians. I was really surprised not at their selection of prescription glasses as I expected a super selection but at their sunglasses!

They have some AMAZING brands in their such as Oakley, Ray-Ban and also my favourite Tom Ford as well as the super popular Maui Jim and many others. Today I thought that I would show you some of their selection because trust me when you see them – you will certainly be popping into them for your next set of glasses!! 🙂


Colette Kelly have an amazing array of prescription glasses in stock and host bands from DVF to Calvin Klein to Tom Ford and all in between. I feel in love with the blue DVF glasses as well as a bright pink pair – I have no doubt that when I am old and grey I will be rocking some pretty awesome glasses that Iris Apfel would be proud of 🙂


I was also full of questions which what ‘added benefits’ that you could get added to your lens like lens that reacted to the levels of sunlight and how to protect your eyes from the ‘blue light’ of electronics. Meave was so helpful and we talked through the different adaptive lens that you can get and ones that transition almost instantly to normal lens when you come inside as well. Many are completely clear indoors and then react to the sunlight when you go outside.


Other lens claim to prevent aging of your eyes by filtering out harmful light such as blue-violet and UV lights as well as protecting the lens themselves against scratches and smudges. It is amazing what you can get added and most things are available in most frames. The only think to take note of is that if you want to get frame-less lens then some of the additions may not look fantastic on them, but wow are those frame-less lens light – certainly do not suit me but you don’t feel them on at all.


What I found really interesting was the difference that a frame shape can make to your face. Meave and I must have tried on about 20 different shapes of glasses and the difference really is astounding – from making my face look narrower to making it look wider – I had never realized how such a small thing could have such a big impact.

Designer Sunglasses

Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Oakley, Tom Ford but to name just some of the brands of sunglasses that Colette Kelly stock. I was in sunglasses heaven! I love trying on sunglasses – it’s just really fun to do and both Meave and Nicola really were helpful with getting some great ones that suited my face shape. I of course ended up with the STUNNING Tom Ford Cary ones which I absolutely have fallen in LOVE with. I think it is the subtle branding on them that I really like and the quality is just amazing.


Maui Jim  – I had never heard of this brand but apparently it is super popular with customers. It outsells both Ray Ban and Oakley combined!!! They actually felt really nice on and had a full rack of styles on offer. From sporty shapes to more fashion aviator like styles and I was impressed. They feel high quality and they offer a really high level of sun protection for your eyes.

Ray Ban – of course they stock the ever poplar Ray Bans but I will be honest once I locked my eyes on my new Tom Fords I was sold! They had a great selection in stock with loads of different size frames and colours. I love the classic wayfarers and surprisingly it was the smaller of the styles that actually suited my face better.

I may have made quite the mess while trying on all of the sunglasses :)

Oakley – I think that most people would have heard of Oakley sunglasses by now – they are SO popular especially for sports. Many of their glasses are polarized which is great for taking the glare off water and reflections from shiny surfaces. They are super popular with surfers, golfers and fishermen for that reason. Did you know that you can get prescription lens in your Ray Bans? I thought that was quite cool, though apparently you lose the Ray Ban little brand on the top corner. There was such a huge selection in stock and I think that my next pair of glasses will just have to be Oakleys. Even over a new pair of Ray Bans!

When was the last time that you got your eyes tested Floralesque

Tom Ford – Sometimes things are too beautiful not to share and my new Tom Ford Sunglasses are one of those things. They are my first Tom Ford purchase and I am absolutely in love with them.

I was not expecting to see Tom Ford sunglasses when I went in but was delighted when I did. I love the brand as I find it super high quality and obviously one of the on trend brands of the moment. My Cary pair are also polarized though I will be honest – not sure what benefit that this will be but isn’t it great that they are lol 🙂

Time to go Sunglasses Shopping
I may have made quite the mess while trying on all of the sunglasses 🙂

As I mentioned in a previous post the team in Colette Kelly Optometry  are so friendly and I could not recommend them enough. They had such a surprising selection of sunglasses that I know I will be back into them again! Certainly check out their website and they are also on Facebook and Twitter and fingers crossed now for some Winter sunshine so I can actually wear my new sunnies!! 🙂

This was a not paid for collaboration with Colette Kelly Opticians but they kindly give me a discount on the sunglasses.


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