My top 5 Instagram Accounts FloralesqueYou may remember me sharing my Top Fitness Instagram Accounts, well today I thought I would share 5 of the accounts that I look up fairly regularly. I have found that since the change in the Instagram algorithm I now actually click into my favourite accounts rather than relying on the feed and as much as I still love the App the change in how the feed works has changed how I use it. 

My top 5 Instagram Accounts Floralesque @thesundaygirluk

Adrienne’s Instagram is just beautiful – her flatlay imagss are some of the best on Instagram and I am constantly checking to see what the latest products coming out are and also serious #Flatlaygoals! Her Instagram is like an extension of her blog which I love as she is such a skilled photographer that her images are beautiful. If you are looking for someone new to follow and you have a deep love of all things beauty then this could be the account for you.

My top 5 Instagram Accounts Floralesque 1@Carly

Carl is the person behind The College Prepster Blog and could not be more different than Mayra mentioned above. I love variety in my feed and Carly has an adorable preppy Instagram. Expect cute outfit pictures, adorable grams of her two fur babies Teddy and Hamilton as well as insights into the latest Kate Spade and Lily Pultizer pieces. She clearly puts a lot of thought into her Instagram theme and it shines through as very professional while still remaining personal.

You may remember my interview with Carly here.

My top 5 Instagram Accounts Floralesque 4@minniemelange

Sinead is the genius behind Minnie Melange (link!) and I just adore her fashion filled instagram. She is both hilarious and band on the money with her posts. She has such a vast knowledge of fashion and the industry and I know that by clicking on her page I will either laugh at some of her images or learn something that I wasn’t aware of or else get a behind the scenes look into different events. She is one that if you are into fashion then certainly give a follow.

My top 5 Instagram Accounts Floralesque 5@yoga_girl

Rachel is the beauty behind Yoga Girl (link!) and her feed is full of beautiful blue seas, bendy yoga poses, feel good messages and just an all around happy feed. Her pictures are stunning and it just gets me into the holiday mood to browse through her images. It was her feed that made me want to start yoga and I am starting a 6 week anti-stress yoga infused course in two weeks because of the inspiration from this feed. I also brought her book – yes I fully took on board what she has said and I love her book – one to buy if you are looking for a different sort of ‘health’ book – one that focuses on you and not just eat well, move well – but about nourishing the inner you.

My top 5 Instagram Accounts Floralesque


And last but by no means least is Anouska. She is a fellow Irish blogger (link!) and one of my favourites to follow. She loves to travel and her Instagram is visually beautiful and you can just sense that it has been lovingly curated. She takes time to ensure that her theme is on point and on her feed you can expect luxurious travel pictures, modelesque images of Anouska and so much more. The quality of her imagery is just amazing and she is certainly one that I look up to.

Who are your favourite Instagrammer at the moment? Has your use of Instagram changed like mine has since the last algorithm change? I hope I can fall back in love with the App and am going to try being more interactive on it and see how that works.

All images are from the ladies’s Instagram.


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