Top 5 Picks from Penny's High Summer 2018 Collection
This shirt is stunning – I love the length and the ties on the wrist add a little twist

Over the past few years, Pennys (Primark to those outside Ireland), have really upped their game. They are hitting the trends bag on time and time again, and today I am back sharing my Top 5 Picks from their high summer collection. You may remember that I shared my top picks from their Spring/Summer collection here, well this is the net collection that follows it. There are some pieces that look just beautiful and I am really looking forward to when the pieces arrive in store.Top 5 Picks from Penny's Summer 2018 CollectionTop 5 Picks from Penny's Summer 2018 CollectionThere are three main parts to this high Summer Collection –

  1. Acid Surf – This laid-back look is achieved through the use of cool denim pieces, knot-front t-shirts and graphic patterns. Keeping it muted as we move into the warmer weather, key colours of the trend include ivory, yellow, and subtle shades of pink and blue.
  2. Amazonia –  Inspired by wildlife and nature of South American rainforests. Statement pieces included strappy sundresses, Hawaiian shirts and kimonos, with new shapes creating a grown-up take on florals.
  3. Follow the beat – features pops of traditional patterns and markings that are supported by more muted tones of ochre, terracotta, and chocolate brown. Highlighting it all is bursts of bright mustard yellow fashioning sunny vibes. Fabrics are cool and lofty, perfect for high summer. Linen is core and comes in mature shades of khaki and off-white gave a new lease of life through unexpected, youthful stripes.
Top 5 Picks from Penny's High Summer 2018 Collection
This striped dress is a great example of a classic piece that will last for many Summers to come

Floralesque showcasing the upcoming collection from Pennys made seem odd since I have spoken in Sustainable Fashion before. So today I want to make a quick note on buying pieces from Pennys with regards fast fashion. I don’t agree when people buy fashion and then disregard after a couple of wears. I am 100% against it and don’t think it makes sense for either the environment or your wallet. When it comes to buying pieces from Pennys, I buy basic pieces or classics that I know I will wear again – and will be able to wear the following year. I purchase things like striped shirts, long summer dresses, loose knits, swimwear, workout leggings and then some pairs of socks. I do not buy pieces that are so on trend that they will not be worn in a month’s time.

Top 5 Picks from Penny's High Summer 2018 Collection

On a slightly lighter note, I adore these sandals. They have a beautiful colour palette comprised of dark purples, greens and fuchsia pinks is the perfect combination of contrasting bursts of colour with deeper tones. They would look great on the beach as well as with a great pair of jeans.

Are there are any pieces that have caught your eye?

Images courtesy of Primark.


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