My Top 5 Style Focused Netflix PicksThere is nothing I enjoy more than to immerse myself in fashion; its history, its impact and those who influence it. And Netflix does help fuel that love as well – today I thought I would share my top 5 picks for Style focused programs.


I was so delighted when I saw this coming to Netflix. I did attend the screening in the Light House Cinema but could not wait to watch it again once it was released. I have mentioned Iris before here – well she really is the person that I look up to as a style icon. This film explores the 90+ woman’s love of fashion and how it is fused to every part of her life.

Dior and I

This excellent film shows the behind the scenes with Christian Dior artistic director Raf Simons as he designs his first couture collection. And he does it in 8 weeks. Even if you are not drawn to the fashion side of this documentary – the film is pulled togeather wonderfully and there is such a feeling of passion throughout the project.

Advanced Style

I have watched this film over and over again. I love that these women who are of an older generation are stylish and unafraid to be bold and fabulous. Sometimes it feels that the fashion options out there get more limited as you get older – it is so fantastic that this film shows that no it doesn’t. That only your imagination stops you – oh how I do hope to be like one of these women when I reach their age!

Abstract – the Art of Design

Design to me is key to style. The cut of the fabric, the layering etc. these are all designed. And I find design in many aspects interesting so this Netflix Series explores how fantastic designers from many different disciplines, like illustration design, car design, architecture design, stage design, interior design and more all shape the world that we live and grow in. This may not be to everyone’s tastes but I found it so great to be able to see into the designers mind through the series.

The True Cost

This film has to be mentioned. It is so important to understand where your clothes are made and coming from, and also the impact of what you buy has on the wider environment. The more I read into sustainable fashion, the impact cotton has on the environment, who makes your clothes and the sheer volume of clothes going to landfill it just makes me so sad and sometimes angry. It has also changed what I buy. I have cut down so much on buying fast fashion. I am now looking for quality pieces that I feel I can trust were made ethically and that the people making the clothes were paid fairly and were safe where they worked.

And a final bonus one… Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer. Great story about a great designer!

Are there any fashion or design related programs that you are loving at the moment on Netflix?



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