Floralesque Top Netflix Series PicksOver the Winter months the last thing I want to do is head outside – I just want to light the fire and curl up and watch TV. With that in mind, Netflix has been a constant in our living room over the last few weeks. It can be difficult to find a happy medium between Gossip Girls and The Unit to watch! I am lucky that he will sit and watch Gossip Girl but I don’t really think it’s fair. We both like crime and psychological TV series so that is where our happy medium lies.

Here are our top Netflix Series Picks that we have been hooked to recently:

American Horror Story – I think that most people know about American Horror Story and after watching the first season we literally went straight into the second season! What I like about this is that each series is it’s own self contained story which means that it doesn’t get stale and although the same actors do re-appear season to season they are completely different. The seasons pretty much pull togeather loads of Horror movie themes and storylines and mash them all togeather.  I do warn you some of the scenes can be quite grotesque so if you have a sensitive stomach then you may be hiding behind a cushion for some of it but it is really well written.

Lie to Me – This is a series that I hadn’t heard of before until it popped up in the ‘Recommended’ section on Netflix. It is about Cal Lightman who is the world’s leading deception expert and the series is based on the real-life experiences of psychologist Paul Ekman. He reads facial expressions and body language (and specializes in micro-expressions) and can tell if a person is lying or being truthful. His company the Lightman Group then take on jobs from different government agencies/individuals and they use their unique skill set to find the truth behind the lies. The series is interesting and a fun one to watch though there are similar series created since this one – we still enjoy curling up ad watching a few episodes in one go.

Scorpion – This series is basically about a group of super-genius’ who solve crime. And I have made it sound like a few other series – what sets this one apart though is that it is based on the life of Irishman Walter O’Brien who claims to have an IQ of 197. This is the type of series that is easy watching which is perfect at the end of a long day and did like turning on season one of this. The characters are likable and fit well togeather and the series has been picked up for another season in 2015. It’s interesting as one has to think if many of the issues that pop up do actually happen in the real world as well.

Narcos – this is a new one and it’s good so far, we’re about half way through it and it’s brilliant. It follows the the rise and fall of Colombian drug-lord Pablo Escobar and is filled with dramatic scenes and is one that gets really addictive to watch (you have been warned!).  It is one of those series that you watch and where bad men get away and good men get hurt. It’s rare to find a series which plot feels so gritty and real and is so suspenseful. We found that the first episode started slow but then it got really good – so preserve and it is worth it.

What series are you watching at the moment? From the four above…. start with Narcos – we can’t stop watching it.


  1. Ooh really wanna get into American Horrow Story but the BF is such a baby when it comes to all that! We just start watching Fargo today though! First episode in and so good!


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