Trend Report: Female Power Suits Are Back

If there is one trend that I think we have all seen in recent months, it is the emergence of the Female Power Suit. And we fully back this trend! The colours are vibrant and fierce and can easily be worn day to night as well which is always fantastic. 

The new power suit it not like that from the Eighties (to which I always think Melanie Griffith’s suit in Working Girl) or even the classic Chanel Tweed suit, it is much more modern, tailored and the colour selection available at the moment has something for everyone. It is actually the versatility of the modern suit that really appeals to me.

Topshop coral Slouch Suit Blazer
Topshop to me have really owned this trend – certainly the first place to check out if you are looking for a suit

Though in my own mind it was actually Hilary Clinton in the run-up to the American Election with her selection of pantsuits, that was the first time in years I had seen someone own the suit in the public eye in a stylish way. And also a nod also has to go to Claire Underwood on House of Cards – I adored her tailored wardrobe. And one woman who certainly knows how to wear a suit is the always stylish Victoria Beckham – she knows how to master the style effortlessly.

Trend Report Female Power Suits Are Back
The Dream by Victoria Beckham

Think less boring stiffness and more street style. There is a certain element of casual street style as well with the new suit that is available on the high street. The suit can be worn with heels, but also look edgy with a pair of Converse, that is personally how I am preferring this trend. And why not try a t-shirt under the suit or a beautiful bra with the suit closed rather than the traditional blouse? Or why not mix and match patterns and brands as well? There are so many options to play with and no set rules to follow.

Trend Report: Female Power Suits Are Back

And you don’t just need to buy a block colour suit either, there are plenty of patterned options available as well. I personally love vibrant Crayola Brights (as I mentioned before here), but it is not for everyone. Kendell Jenner here shows a great way to wear stripes.

Trend Report: Female Power Suits Are Back
Image Credit: In The Frow Instagram

Some of my favourite bloggers are also rocking the power suit – a few that pop to mind would be Victoria from In The Frow, Sinead from The Girl with the Bob and Stylist Orla Sheridan. They all knock how to rock the look and if you are looking for style inspiration then certainly check out their websites! You can visit In The Frow here, The Girl with the Bob here and Orla Sheridan here.

Trend Report: Female Power Suits Are Back
Image Credit: Orla Sheridan Style Instagram
Trend Report: Female Power Suits Are Back
Image Credit: The Girl with the Bob Instagram

Do you like the power suit trend? I think personally I adore it, but not sure I can carry it off. However, I will be picking up some amazing blazers in bright colours for the summer – so having such great choice is amazing! Here are some of my favourites at the moment:

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